How to get more Instagram followers?

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Since Instagram was bought by Facebook, the former has hit the right stride with the masses. Thanks to the increased number of users on Instagram, many use it as a marketing platform and are looking into different ways to grow their platform.

Yes, you will find a lot of ways to do so. However, it is important that you grow your followers in the right way.

How do you gain more followers on Instagram?

There are several smart ways to increase your Instagram following list. Some of them include:

Look for a hashtag in your niche that fit the persona of the buyer

If you monitor hashtags daily, you will be able to get an inside scoop on competitive information and market trends. In the process, you will also stumble into people that want to learn more about your Instagram page by following you.

By adding the correct hashtag on your posts, you will be able to draw the attention of users that are out of your reach. Far-fetched users will be able to look for your Instagram page via relevant hashtags.

Write a nice bio

Similar to Twitter, your Instagram bio will create the first impression on new followers. You also have to remember that you only have space for 150 characters; so you should not go crazy about it.

However, you still need to take advantage of the bio section. Instagram allows you to use hashtags within your bio. These hashtags will allow people to look for you and you will be able to define to them what you are all about as a company. Additionally, you can also add a link to the bio so that people can visit your webpage if you have one.

Ensure that the bio is descriptive and personable – while there are no single rules written about it, the tone on the bio should reflect your brand image. It is advised that you leave emojis out of it.

Create engaging posts

Instagram is all about visual media like photos, videos, etc. However, it is simply not enough to snap a photo and write down a description along with some hashtags. What you need to do is engage with your followers.

You need to edit your photos in a way that maintains the aesthetics of your brand image. Use an online photo editor to get crazy with filters, stickers, and texts.

Post as much as you can

Similar to other social media platforms, it is recommended that you post daily to increase your followers. However, you should not go overboard with it as well.

Generally, you can upload one post per day. In fact, you can post around five images/videos without getting anyone irritated throughout the day. Since you want your followers to see the posts, you need to be as active as you can. This will allow you to learn what posts work and do not work.

Comment and interact with your followers

We already know Instagram is a social media platform. Hence, it is important that you start being social with your followers and interact with them as much as possible. Commenting and mentioning is a large part of communication within the app and will get more engagement and likes on your posts.

When you find a genuine comment, take a moment to leave behind a reply. You can also create a thread of comments to know what your followers think about that particular post. This will make your followers feel valued; additionally, it will also make your posts appear more often in the Explore tab.

Make use of external tools to increase your follower

Apart from organic methods, there are some inorganic methods to increase your followers on Instagram. However, you also need to know that most of these tools often use bot and spam methods to increase Instagram followers.

Thankfully, there are a few popular tools that are reliable and safe. For instance, Task Ant is one of these tools that will increase your number of followers, without getting your Instagram account banned. Additionally, the followers you get are real profiles so that your reach and engagements are authentic.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm. If you want to be very successful here, it is recommended that you increase your followers so that you have a better reach and engagement.

You can use these organic and safe methods mentioned above or opt to use a professional service for the job. Either way, you will increase your follower list with real profiles that will do your Instagram account good.