5 Daily Routines to Expand Your Network on Instagram


Your Instagram or social media network is no longer solely about keeping up with friends. While it is true that hundreds of Instagram users are just there to socialize, the website is also a business development and social marketing tool with enormous potential.

Regardless of whether you are an influencer, creator, business, brand, or just an individual, organic growth on social media is always desirable. To increase engagement on Instagram, one can follow several steps, including the option to buy Instagram followers. However, paid engagement is not a daily practice, and it is not sustainable in the long term if you are not active enough.

Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss five steps you can include in your daily routine that will guarantee fast growth in your Instagram network.

1. Post creative and interesting content

This seems like obvious and stupid advice, but an average of one to two posts per day is essential for rapid and organic growth in your channel. Most brands follow a 1.5 post per day average at minimum. It is natural for you to run out of ideas if you keep posting too frequently. But that is not a cause for concern. You can take a look at this webpage. It contains several creative ideas that are sure to kick you right out of your creative block.

Note that is advice only works when you post engaging and creative content. Instagram is a visual platform, and you should post images that grab attention and invite people to your channel.

2. Do not forget about transient content

Ephemeral content is on the rise. Instagram is no longer solely about images and videos. With the push that stories and Reels have received since their inception, more engagement arrives at your doorstep from this way than normal posts.

Hence, it is a good idea to add uploading a story to your daily Instagram routine. It also connects with your daily posts since due to changes in Instagram’s algorithm, posts are unlikely to fall into the eyes of your followers if you do not shout out about every new post from your stories. Truth be told, this is my personal experience since my friend told me he did not find a single post from my profile on his feed and only my stories found their way to him. So, post stories!

3. Analyze your followers

No. Do not stalk them. At least not literally. But if you have a business or creator account, you get access to Instagram’s wonderful “Insights” feature. This allows you to check on your followers and gain an insight into your follows and unfollows. 

But above all, the Insights section has a “Most active time” section where you can see which days and what hours your followers are most active. Posting strategically keeping these hours in mind can significantly increase your reach and get you more Instagram views, likes  and engagement. 

You also get demographics about the age and gender of your followers, which can help you tailor your content depending upon their needs.

4. Interact with your followers

No matter what you do, your followers and fans are the most important part of your profile. Even with amazing content, if your followers start losing interest in your profile, your channel is doomed. Thus, you must keep relations to a maximum with your followers.

Interacting with your followers entails responding to comments, holding contests, polls, quizzes, and other engaging activities on your stories, and helping out fellow creators/professionals whenever required. Not only should you seek likes and comments, but you must also leave a few helpful and witty comments on their posts as well so that they feel heard. Commenting on others’ posts will also increase your own engagement and thus, is a double-win for you.

5. Be Trendy

If you are stuck in January 2021 and it is February 2021, then wham, crash, your account is boring trash!

Trends rise and fall every day, and you can never hope to receive organic growth on your channel if you do not keep up with these crests and troughs. Keep your eyes peeled for what hashtag or content is quickly rising to the top of the ladder and jump on as soon as you can because even a few hours of difference can leave you lurking in the ditch.

Now, remember, you need to keep a balance. If everyone is posting a story about a cat, then definitely post one as well. However, if you stop posting images and uploading posts, you will not receive any engagement since stories alone will get you nowhere.


There you have it! Those were five steps everyone on Instagram needs to add to their daily routine to achieve maximum engagement and expand their network. If you think we left out a few points, leave a comment below.