How To Increase High Retention YouTube Views?

Open your YouTube channel analytics and check the retention statistics. Do you see a retention rate of over 50%? If not, this article is for you. Take the time to study it to the end because you can make a difference in your channel.

Report about views on your channel

This analytics report is located on the “audience retention” tab. The first graph here is the average audience retention for all videos. Then there is a list of videos that you can analyze if you click on them. You can also use the search to find the required video on the channel.

It is important to pay attention to the decreases in the graph. This indicates that it is at this moment that the majority of viewers have stopped watching. 

This is how you can analyze all of your videos, track and find those moments that should not be used in the video or think about how to change them. 

Is it legal to buy high retention YouTube views?

Yes, it is. You can help your channel a little bit to improve stats and buy high retention YouTube views. It’s safe and reliable if you work with trusted sites. Here’s the list:


Without a doubt, this is the best site to buy views on YouTube. Viewsta has high retention views of high quality. They offer the perfect solution to build your brand on YouTube and turn it into a successful one.

The high retention rate is provided by real users. For this reason, the views will stay on your channel because they are 100% original. Thus, you can be relaxed knowing that your investment has paid off.

The price is $3 per 1000 views.


A great and reliable resource to buy real YouTube views with high retention. Stable and real. Rate of getting 5-10 thousand views per day. There is a perfect support team that is always ready to help you, answer the questions, and choose the appropriate service.

The price is $3,50 per 1000 views.


The site is good and popular among bloggers and agencies. Works steadily and safely without violating the rights of YouTube. Two different services with high retention views. The difference is the speed of delivery and, as a result, the price.

The prices are $3,20 – $3,50 per 1000 views.


Another site you can rely on. Two types of high retention views are offered to your attention: standard and geo-targeted. The standard ones will suit you if the viewer’s country is not that important in general. And if you need to get people from a specific country choose geo targeted views. Choose the viewers from the desired location on the process of ordering.

The prices are $2,13 – $2,50 per 1000 views.


Some of the best and highest quality high retention YouTube views from real people.  Try ViewsBiz quality services! Delivery speed from 5 to 300 thousand views per day. Audience’s retention on the video is up to 50 seconds.

The price is $2,70 – 3,70 per 1000 views.


SMO Agency is your reliable partner for increasing the high retention views of your YouTube videos. After payment, you will start seeing views within an hour.

Refill system will work in case of the order partial drop and guarantee that you’ll receive your order in full. Guarantee can be limited in time, for example, 30 days refill or lifetime guarantee. 

The price is $1,83 per 1000 views.


Two stable services that work without crashes. High retention YouTube views help to keep the audience’s retention. Note that you can buy views wholesale up to 1.5 million per order. 

The prices are $3 – $3,67 per 1000 views.


This is a platform for resellers and individuals who promote YouTube professionally. Premium services but at a very low price. Three types of high retention YouTube views, the difference in speed and delivery time. Speed from 3 to 200 thousand views per day. And the start time of delivery after payment is from 1 hour to 24 hours.

The prices are $1,03 – $2,08 per 1000 views.

Sites with high view retention are the most effective in building traffic for YouTube channels. Your main goal should be to maintain a steady and gradual flow of views to your channel. If you can do this, you can build a reputable YouTube channel in a very short amount of time.