Pinterest Pin Button Will Take Your App around the World

Do you want to enjoy your app’s success, but wonder how to market it to a wide audience? Well, it is time you introduced a Pinterest Pin button to your android app

Pinterest is a fun and visual social media site, used for sharing images. Marketers have jumped on this social platform and are using it as part of their product growth strategy. There is huge growth on this platform. In fact it’s growth patterns have reflected the same growth pattern as Facebook did in 2006-7.

Pinterest has an audience that is contributing for the long term. Unlike a gaming platform, people are sharing images, images which they are attached to for personal and business reasons, and therefore they are committed to this platform.

In its first 8 months, Pinterest only had 40,000 unique users, but the platform’s growth snowballed with the number of shares it was receiving. The sharing aspect of this platform is what makes it a great tool for marketing your business.

It is time for you to add the Pinterest button to your app, and get your users to begin to share images from your app onto this fantastic social and viral media site. We have recently been adding different styles of customized code to our blog, and these codes are now available on our AppsGeyser Academy YouTube channel.

View the video below to add a Pinterest Pin Button to your Android app. Have fun, and enjoy this wonderful customized code.