The Main 7 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App Through Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promptly promote any product. Have you noticed how the content has changed today? There are no direct indications that this or that product/service is what you need right now. Instead, the user receives high-quality and unique content that solves their problem and considers the company shares it as a reliable place to get more help. 

Marketing your mobile app with the help of this tactic is possible as well. Content marketing is one of the top strategies to date to get as many potential users as possible. How can you promote your app with content marketing? Below you will find 7 tips to do it.

7 Main Ways to Promote Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing


How to use content marketing to promote your mobile app? It would seem that everything is obvious. You need to prepare articles about your application. But in reality, the task is a little more extensive. Content marketing is a little more complicated than it might seem but with the right approach, you can effectively promote your mobile app. Explore the following tips to help you develop an effective content marketing strategy. As a result, you will be able to transform prospective leads into users, and the users – into loyal customers.

  1. Long Term Strategy Creation

Planning your content strategy correctly is half the battle. It is worth considering creating a strategy on a long-term basis. That being said, your strategy should have a clear plan with a budget. It is also worthwhile to clearly understand that content does not bring immediate results. That is, it is better not to expect that you will receive an influx of target audience after the first article. Therefore, the content strategy should be long-term and not temporary action. Your ongoing actions and long-term vision can bring the desired results from your strategy.

  1. Invest In Content Marketing After Launch

Many people are wasting their budgets and this is a very common situation with content marketing for mobile app promotion. Why? Because many people start their marketing campaign even before the app is available to users. It can be the correct approach, but not always effective. One effective strategy to consider is integrating a live Twitter feed displaying updates and reactions from users during events and promotions.

It often happens that many people put in too much effort even before the application is on the market. But it also often happens that the app does not enter the market, and nothing is left except for only unreasonable costs. Therefore, it is worth allocating only 25% of the budget for promoting the application before launch. And after the app hits the market, you can activate your content marketing strategy.

  1. Define Key Audience

Industry research is what it takes to identify your target audience. With the correct definition of your audience, you can generate content that will hit right on target. After creating a typical image of your audience, you will be able to understand what content will work and what content your potential user wants to see. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind your audience’s problem and the way your app can help. These will be the starting points for preparing effective content.

  1. Go Outside the Site Frames

Creating content for your app site is a good idea. But as part of your content strategy, you also need additional platforms for posting content. Consider supporting your blog with social media posts, guest publications, press releases, interviews, branded videos, and so on.

All this is an additional opportunity to win over potential users and popularize your application, so use all the channels your target audience uses to capture them and tell them more about your app. 

  1. Create Useful Content

Generating useful content is an opportunity to reach top results in search engine rankings. And this is exactly what is needed for content marketing to bring the desired result in the context of SEO promotion, especially if you have an app website with a blog.

What do you need to know about useful content? Its main feature is that it always comes with a real piece of advice for the user that should be relevant and actionable. As a part of your mobile app promotion, you can write articles on how users can solve certain problems using the application. Or you can suggest such a topic within which you can take out not only your application but also some other advice as a solution to the user’s problem. For example, if you are promoting a travel application, you can provide information about insurance from EKTA TRAVELING, and support it with the ways your mobile app will facilitate travel, and so on.

  1. Engage Influencers

When promoting your mobile app, it is also worth considering such a marketing ploy as influencer marketing. Today it is one of the most effective ways to gain a loyal audience and users from social media. All you need to do is contact an influencer with whom you have the same target audience and agree to create a short post where the influencer can share their impressions of the app.

When working with an influencer, both a post on social media and a short video about your application will be effective. If your app provides tariff plans, then you can build the interaction in such a way that the influencer provides a promo code for their audience to subscribe.

  1. Use Third-Party Platforms

For your content strategy to be effective and the application to receive the desired coverage, it is worth showing your audience what is the advantage of your solutions. At the same time, it should be done in a natural way, and not in an advertising manner. How to do it? Let’s analyse an example.

Let’s say your app is for entertainment purposes only. For example, this is a crossword puzzle game. You need to use the Quora platform and look for topics that can be matched with the context and specifics of your app. For example, you will find a question such as “What to do during a long trip.” 

Answer this question from the point of view of the user, not the brand. For example: “Recently, I have been spending my free time with X app where there are interesting crosswords. The app is very exciting, as it contains questions that have a positive effect on thinking and increasing intelligence. So this app is not just a tool to have fun, but also to learn something new. ”

Then you can share the download link for the application. On a psychological level, modern people trust the reviews and experiences of someone real, and Quora is a great place to reach potential users in this way.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is an integral part of any product or service promotion strategy. Content that solves the problem and comes with certain benefits is the key to successful promotion. As you can see in the context of mobile app promotion, content marketing works the same way. Use these 7 tips to create an effective promotion strategy and make your app popular within its niche.


Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at EKTA TRAVEL insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that help her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Isabelle knows everything and more about travel guard insurance.