4 Ways to Effectively Sell APK to Another Party

how to sell APK to another party

Android app development is a great business as it comes with countless opportunities to make money. It comprises many steps, and each step requires proper attention to detail. The time and efforts used in Android app development can be more than a web development project because Android focuses on a particular audience.

One of the great ways to earn the ultimate profit is to sell APK of your Android app to other parties. It does not specifically mean that you create apps for your own purposes and then sell them but also include apps that you particularly develop for someone else.

There is a group of app businesses that professionally sells APKs to others to generate revenue. We have decided to put all of that valuable data in one place to get you to know the most effective ways to sell APK of your Android app to others. Let’s first check out why you would need to sell APK files to other parties in the next section.

When to Sell Your APK File?

The decision to sell the APK of your Android app is a hard one, but we know the answer. Our experts have done comprehensive research on this topic and found out a lot of reasons to sell APK of your Android app. As a business of selling APKs, it has a lot of potentials to get ultimate profit, but let’s look at exactly when you should sell your APK file.

If you have made an Android app that is not making sufficient income, and it’s been a long time, there are strong chances that it is demanding a significant change. The change could be in its internal features, the marketing strategy, and even the app business owners. Since different app businesses have different mindsets, some apps require an aggressive nature, and others require a planned and calm brain.

For example, if you have made a basic cryptocurrency app and you don’t know how exactly the cryptocurrencies work, or you don’t have the interest in it, a recommendation will be to sell APK of that app. Selling APK of an Android app becomes an exciting decision most of the time because there are a lot of hidden perks behind it.

Some app businesses develop apps for other businesses, such as making apps for a real estate business. It is a great way to earn ultimate revenue and showcase your portfolio to grow your business. Selling the APK files consists of giving all of the app rights to the other party as well. Now, let’s have a look at how we can actually sell APK of our Android app to others.

4 Ways to Sell APK to Another Party

App making is not an easy task since it combines many complex phases. From gathering requirements for your app to designing, development, and testing, every phase requires a considerable amount of time, cost, and effort. Luckily, AppsGeyser is here to provide you a lot of free app development templates through which you can create awesome apps within a couple of minutes.

After developing an app, selling it might be a tricky decision because if you sell APK of your Android app in a wrong way or to a wrong party, your efforts get vanished. That is why we have come up with 4 proven ways to sell APK to another party. Let’s get straight into these insights!

1. Sell APK by Yourself

Usually, an Android app is sold through a broker or a third party, but if you know how to handle the transition process, you can sell APK by yourself. At first, you have to determine whether you will develop an app for others or sell APK of an already developed Android app. If you have plans to sell one of your own Android apps, there are some extra steps to follow during the transition process.

If you are going to develop an app for someone else, you don’t need to worry much about the steps because you have already been taking care of all the considerations from the first step. Make a contract with the buying party and make sure to add all the terms and conditions such as the duration of the transition and the costs etc.

Selling your APK seems a complicated task, but it’s not. You can do it easily through proper documentation and strategy. Once your app development process is completed, don’t forget to transfer its rights to the other party.

2. App Business Brokers

App business brokers are there to help you in your app selling process. They will help you out in each phase of the APK transition and assures high-quality transmission. At first, the company will analyze the following elements of your app business.

  • App statistics
  • Current income stream
  • Specialization field

App statistics include all the analysis regarding your app’s reputation. It consists of the quality of your app with respect to other relevant apps on the market. It also comprises of the app ratings if you have already published that app on the Play Store and downloads of your app in the entire time.

The current income stream defines the worth of your app in terms of revenue generation. If your app is currently earning a lot of money through the Play Store or has the potential to be a great source of earning money, it is considered to be a worthy app.

Your specialization field is also considered throughout the process. If you are specialized in that type of app making, and you have a lot of other products similar to it, it proves to be a positive point for your app business. Despite this, a broker also assures that paperwork is signed properly, and the transfer of ownership has been successfully completed.

However, there is a price tag to sell APK of the Android app through an app business broker. Since they are the experts in this department, there are a lot of benefits as well on the other hand. AppsGeyser has also been working as an app business broker for more than a decade. We can match your app to prequalified buyers looking to purchase a working app. It will save you both time and money.

3. Apptopia

If you don’t want to involve app brokers in your app selling process, you can do it with Apptopia. Thanks to this easy to use the website through which you can place your app to be sold. It works just like eBay, but it is specific to mobile apps.

It allows you to sell your app by listing it on their website independently. Buyers from all around the world will visit the site and bid on your app. Luckily, it also aids you throughout the app selling process once a bid has been struck. If a buyer requests to buy your app, you are guided by the platform.

In this way, you will get surety that everything is going according to the standards and plan. It also gives you the peace of mind that you have completed the entire app selling process correctly. Surprisingly, Apptopia is free to be used.

You will reserve a price for your app, which will be labeled on your on the website. Buyers will see the exact price, and there is no way to sell your app at a lower price than you thought. If buyers don’t get attracted to your app on the site, you have lost nothing but a bit time.

4. Google Play Console

If your app is already published on the Google Play Store and you want to sell APK and all the rights of your app to another party, there is a great way by using the Play Console. The ownership of your app will be transferred from your app business account into another app business account.

However, you have to take care of the documentation and paperwork part by yourself. It is recommended to sign a contract before transferring your app to the buyer’s account. You can easily transfer your app to another account by signing in to your Google Play Console account and sending a requesting to transfer your app.

The request may take a few days to be processed, but you will be notified when the process is finished. It is recommended to read the policy guidelines before starting out the transition process. You should also do the transactions in a documented manner because the Play Console is not responsible for them.


If you are going to sell an Android app built by using one of the templates of AppsGeyser, you cannot wholly sell the source code of your app. Somehow, you get a lot of support from the customer support of AppsGeyser while selling an app developed through our platform.

Eventually, sell APK of your Android app and get a lot of benefits. Follow the ways we have provided to you as these are the proven and tested ones. Contact us through our social media channels and let us know about your experience of selling the app. Follow our Facebook page to get instant updates about effectively selling your APK quickly and easily.