Make a Website for Android App in 5 Minutes

Make a Website for Android App

Listing your app on the Google Play Store is the most important thing which can define your app success. If your app has achieved a reasonable standing on the Play Store or any other app store, there are huge chances to get a lot of downloads. Eventually, these downloads not only boosts the user engagement but also the Play Store rating.

Achieving a high standing on the market is a challenging task, but if you do proper research and marketing, you can get your app’s name on the top charts easily. One of the first steps to achieve that success is to make a website for Android app. There are a lot of hidden perks in making a website that represents and promotes your app.

The primary factors which grab traffic to your app profile on the Google Play Store or any other app store are the app representation through the title, app description, and visuals like screenshots and videos. If you can promote your app on that profile, users are all yours.

Why Making a Website is Essential?

The internet has made the world a global village, and there are websites everywhere surrounding it. Even if we can interchange the words “internet” and “websites,” it’s also considered true and acceptable. You should be present in almost all the forms on the web, for example, social media, websites, and of course, apps.

Your app business representation plays a vital role in selling your app to real users. If you miss any opportunity to capture the audience, some of your competitors are going to capture them at the end. Therefore, you should consider having a website for your app.

If you are thinking about how you can manage a lot of websites because of the number of apps you own, then the equation is as not as complicated as you think. You can develop a single site to promote all of your apps, but in some cases, that’s not an ideal solution. But, at least, having a website is a must in the app development world to brand your app business and promote your apps.

Some of the benefits of making a website for an Android app are as follows:

  • App business reputation gets a boost
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Audience engagement
  • For the audience, getting in touch with you becomes easier

A website for Android app can be used to market your app through social media channels too. You can make your website in different languages to support multiple audiences. We recommend targeting a small group of audience at first because there are more chances of engaging them than a large geographical audience.

Which Factors are Important While Making the Website?

Making a website for an Android app is not just like making other web pages. There are certain elements to look at before you actually start the development process. The representation of your app on the Google Play Store must match the content of your website. It would be best if your website is not colliding with any of the contexts of your app business.

The actual representation of your app is a must if you want to make an impactful website. Some of the considerable elements are as follows:

  • The App Title
  • App Description
  • Screenshots of your App
  • The App Icon
  • Content of the App

The title of your app is the primary thing that the users are most focused on. It should represent the theme of your app and what your app can actually do for its users. Your website must be aligned with the name of your app, and it is always better to name your site the same as the app.

The app description contains almost every necessary information to tell the users about the history, features, functionalities, and usage of your app. Hence, the website should be totally synced with it. Since the sites have more space than the app description, you can convert it into an opportunity to write even more about the app on your website.

The visual representation of your app sometimes proves to be more effective than just the app name and description. These visuals could be screenshots of the app or a promotional video. It has been evaluated by research that users tend to get attracted more with graphics than just text.

Your app icon is just another vital part of your app, which can be used to replicate the logo of the website. It should be unique and attractive. Studies show that an app icon with usual colours is not as attractive and engaging as an icon with uncommon colours. Moreover, the content of your website should reflect the content of your app.

How to Make a Website for Android App?

The development of a website for an Android app seems a challenging task since you have already put a lot of effort and time during the development of your app. But, making a website is worth more than almost all of your app marketing efforts.

Although website development is totally a different field that requires web experts, the AppsGeyser is here to solve this issue as well. We have wrapped up all the necessary information for you to get started. Without any delay, let’s move out to see how we can actually make a website for Android app in 5 minutes.

1. Gather Data

When it comes to data, it is the most crucial element of a website. We should gather all the data for our website at first. The data consists of various things ranging from our app’s profile on the Play Store to our app business goals. Everything should be in-sync with each other to make the process of website development smoother.

Websites are much different from mobile apps as the space to write content is almost far beyond unlimited on the websites when compared to mobile apps. But, it doesn’t mean that you just start writing all the content of your app on the site. The text you will write on the website should be short and concise; in other words.

Data doesn’t only include the text; it also consists of the visuals and graphical representation of your website. A good website for Android app should have a landing page highlighted with app features and unique properties of the app, contact us page, and most crucially, a link to your Play Store app profile.

The features and functionalities of your app should be highlighted, along with the benefits of using your app. It is recommended to urge the website audience to download your app. You can pursue your audience by defining how simply they can solve their problems using your app. You can also attract the audience by representing your app as the best when compared to your competitors.

2. Design the Website

Appealing website design always urges the audience to be on the website for a long time. If you lack in this department, you may lose valuable users. It incorporates the logo of your website, its alignment, and its visual representation. The website should be designed while getting yourself wearing the shoes of your target audience.

It would be best if you design your website with the same pattern and theme as your mobile app. In this way, users can get a sense of brand awareness. You can even use a free landing page creator to help you save time. Try to use the same color scheme as you have used in your app. The user interface of your website should be easy to use and flexible.

3. Developing the Website

After gathering the data and design, website development is the last step to conquer the Android app market. We have come up with various ways for you to develop your website for Android app in just a few minutes. If you don’t know about how to develop a website, you need not worry because we are going to tell you the proven ways to do it easily.

One of the easiest ways to develop a website for Android app if you don’t have prior coding experience is by using Google Sites. By signing in, you can start developing your site, and surprisingly, it’s almost the drag and drop structure. Everything is flexible and open to changes and modifications.

Another way is to use WordPress as it is one of the most widely used website development tools. Using WordPress doesn’t require a lot of programming experience, but you have to know a bit about the hierarchy of websites. These are some of the top website templates providers, and the list is not a limited one.

You can explore more free website makers on the internet. Try to make your website appealing and urge users to download your app. Eventually, a website for Android app is a must if you want to target a global audience. Despite that, social media platforms are also great sources to promote your app in a versatile audience.

Tell us about your website development experience and which platform you have used to make it. If you have any queries, please let us know because we are always ready to help you. Let’s make your app an ideal one and promote it like a champ.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023