Top 7 Apps for Education: Double Your Efficiency and Productivity

Staying organized and focused is essential for students. Yet, today it is getting even more complicated as a lot of schools and universities adopt online or blended learning practices. It means that students become more self-directed learners. They need to plan their study sessions, organize tasks, keep track of due dates, and seek effective learning methods and tools. Mobile software can make you more productive, taking care of some mundane matters. Here are the most effective apps that we would recommend for students.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a flashcards app suitable for learning any subject. If you have a test soon, set a due date in the app, and it will design an individual learning program to make sure that you know everything that is necessary to pass your exam. The app enables active recall, which helps you to transfer new material to long-term memory much faster. You can create your own flashcards or use other people’s decks, which saves you a lot of work. Quizlet allows you to test yourself in a variety of ways. There are Flashcards, Learn, Test, Write, and Spell modes. Choose the one that suits your needs or combine several options. Quizlet helps you to advance your knowledge, but remember that even though the app gives the tools to study, you need to be perseverant and consistent to achieve success.

2. Notion

Notion is rapidly gaining in popularity among students. This app allows you to take notes, categorize them within subjects, create to-do lists, keep a bullet journal, document your reflections, and many other things. The app is suitable for various purposes. This is the main advantage of the tool as you can have everything in one place. Notion brings clarity to your school projects, homework, and personal life as you can see the whole picture of what is happening. The app is free for personal use and has both desktop and mobile software. However, as a student, you can have access to their Personal Pro Plan, which provides some extra features aside from templates, unlimited pages, and synchronization across all your devices.

3. Todoist

Todoist is your daily task manager. Detailed planning and to-do lists give us clarity and calmness. You do not have to keep everything in your head anymore. Todoist can do it for you. It allows you to set goals and gives a complete understanding of the task at hand. You can prioritize and color-code your assignments to see what you should focus on in the first place. Besides, there are categories and subtasks that can give some extra organization options. For example, you can organize bullet lists within subject categories and divide larger assignments into several steps, adding subtasks. If you work on a project with your classmates, delegate tasks and share valuable information with others.

4. Pocket

Pocket can help you gather information for your research. That is a well-known fact that no matter whether you are buying essays with quality writing or writing it yourself, it needs to have convincing sources to get the desired grade. How does Pocket function? It allows you to save articles, videos, posts, and other materials when researching a certain topic. As a result, instead of having hundreds of tabs and bookmarks, you have everything sorted in one place. Synchronization across different devices makes the experience even more comfortable. Moreover, if you want to have some food for thought, browse the app to read or listen to interesting information.

5. Crash Course

This year, a popular YouTube channel Crash Course has released an app. The team continues to provide free educational videos on various topics. You can learn anything from engineering and economics to astronomy and history. The app makes learning more engaging by introducing quizzes and illustrated flashcards to facilitate memorization of complicated topics. Although they are not currently available for all courses, the Crash Course team continuously works on developing new content. Try the app as it is a great community of learners where you can get well-rounded education at your own pace, dedicating just several minutes a day.

6. Whitelines

This app gives you the ability to digitize your notes and work with them on your devices or share them with classmates. You can scan your notes with a smartphone and turn them into a PDF or PNG file. Besides, the whole idea of the app is to remove dark and distractive copybook lines to give you clarity. Longhand note-takers will appreciate the ability to review their notes anytime and anywhere without having to carry their paper copies around all the time. The Whitelines App also allows you to label and sort your materials, which will facilitate search in the future.

7. XMind

If you like to use mind maps in the learning process, try XMind. It is an inspiring and efficient tool with a nice interface and a range of customization tools. You can put concepts into well-organized structures. Controlled layouts will help you see the connections among ideas and determine patterns and tendencies. XMind has a variety of themes, designs, and colors for any floating topics. What is more, you can add hyperlinks, attachments, images, and even recordings to your mind maps to enhance processing and memorization. XMind would be especially helpful for visual learners and just creative people.

8. Planwiz

Planwiz is the ultimate schedule planner tool designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, Planwiz helps you organize your tasks, set priorities, and stay on top of deadlines. Its user-friendly design allows you to create detailed weekly schedules with a weekly planner. Whether you’re a student juggling classes and assignments or an educator managing lesson plans and grading, Planwiz streamlines your workflow and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. , Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered to-do lists and hello to the clarity of a well-planned week. With Planwiz by your side, you’ll conquer your tasks and achieve your goals with confidence.

To Sum Up

We are sure that these 7 apps are worth your time. They can help you organize your notes, plan daily tasks, facilitate research, and improve memorization. This is the set of software essentials for any student. In the long run, you will develop better self-directed learning skills and be ready to manage your education without any outside help.