Velox – Headless Ecommerce Software

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App creators simplify the process of building an app to save you precious time and resources. Once the app gains traction and popularity, it is only natural that you’ll want to monetise it. 

Integrating e-commerce functionality is the most popular way to monetise an app as it offers you more significant opportunities.

VELOX is one of the most dynamic e-commerce solutions on the market. It allows developers to build profitable, custom e-commerce stores. 

What is VELOX?

VELOX is a headless e-commerce solution that uses microservice architecture. You can use this dynamic solution to build custom webshops, improve existing webshops, or migrate them to microservice architecture

As online shopping grows in popularity, so do the customer demands and expectations. Emerging technology raises the bar in every competitive sector by offering online shoppers multiple advantages. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites struggle to keep up with the changes needed by the market.  

Webshops built on monolithic systems struggle to implement and accommodate new technologies and features. This lowers their ability to deliver the smooth and personalised shopping experience that online shoppers have come to love and appreciate. 

Webshops using inflexible systems cannot relaunch as quickly, carry out conversion experiments, track performance, or even conduct usability tests. This impacts a merchant’s ability to anticipate the market and adapt their marketing strategies to a changing consumer market. Consequently, it continues to be challenging to stay competitive, and their bottom line takes a hit. 

Headless e-commerce provides webshop owners with a simple and efficient solution to these problems, as mentioned earlier. 

What is headless e-commerce? 

 In software architecture, headless refers to a solution separating or decoupling an online store’s frontend from its backend. It’s a software environment that operates without a graphical user interface. It allows you to separate the presentation layer – app or website – from the functional or e-commerce layer. 

The headless architecture uses the power of modularity to help webshop owners future-proof their business. It gives them the flexibility to deliver a rich customer and brand experience across various marketing channels. Decoupling the frontend from the backend lowers the effort, time, and resources necessary to implement or integrate new features and solutions. 

With the help of optimisers and developers, you can inject unparalleled professionalism into your online store. You, too, can deliver a smooth, tailored shopping experience that customers have come to associated with huge online brands. 

Matchless Convenience 

In a traditional e-commerce system, the infrastructure, business logic, and presentation layer are highly integrated. Implementing a new feature requires a developer to edit the frontend, its code, and its database. Making the slightest changes rapidly becomes a tedious, time-consuming task, especially if several layers of code between the frontend and the database. 

Implementing some custom solutions might lead you to break the platform warranty, putting your investment at risk. Trade-offs between CMS and e-commerce functionalities are a staple in traditional e-commerce systems. Rarely, if ever, will you find a system that couples the best of CMS and e-commerce features and functionalities. 

Switching to a headless e-commerce solution helps you to surmount these challenges. It enables you to connect the best CMS and e-commerce systems to create a custom solution that gives you the best of both worlds. 

VELOX is a modular, API-first, and headless e-commerce solution. It pulls data into the presentation layer through an API; consequently, you get maximum creative freedom when designing the frontend. Decoupling enables non-technical users to modify their frontend without interfering with backend processes. 

With VELOX, you can easily connect your products to any third-party solution and marketplace. VELOX is designed to address B2B e-commerce challenges, including order uploads, real-time integration, and the RMA process. As an open-source solution, VELOX provides you matchless convenience when it comes to customisation. Your developers can quickly and hassle-free modify the source code and create a truly unique solution without running into licensing issues.  Click here to learn more about VELOX.