What Is Page Authority and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

Page Authority is determined on a scale of 0 to 100 points. The higher the score, the better the page is ranked by a search engine. Previously, Google showed a PageRank metric, hiding from users all the criteria used in a logarithmic model that allows determining this number with the mathematical accuracy. Currently, Page Authority is calculated within the Moz ecosystem.

Although these results can be trusted when deciding on collaboration with a donor website, it is still not possible to say that PA and PR are identical. It is likely that these values ​​slightly differ, as the PR calculation model has remained closed.

Should Page Authority be considered an important SEO indicator?

A certain variability lies at the heart of PA. Today’s page may have one rating, and tomorrow it will go higher or lower, depending on how the website develops. Therefore, it is not enough to focus only on the value of PR or PA when deciding whether to cooperate with a web resource.

It is important for SEO not only to make the evaluation but also to follow its dynamics. So, you should take into account more factors that indicate the good quality of a platform: no spam, no problems with backlinks, a high number of visitors, unique content, and other criteria. 

How is PA evaluated?

While the PR algorithm is kept secret, Page Authority is something that can be explored closely. In particular, the credibility of a page grows due to the following indicators:

  • The level of trust, which is formed based on the quality of content and its relevance to the subject of the resource. It also takes into account whether the owner abuses the use of key phrases to promote the web page or applies this tool professionally and wisely.
  • The number of outbound links and the balance between them and backlinks. Links in the SEO world still matter a lot, and it’s no secret that many platforms agree to collaborate and share links. The main thing is keeping the process on the organic side. If a website has a lot of outbound links and few backlinks, its credibility and value will decline rapidly.
  • Date of the last update. The more often the platform is filled with new useful and interesting content, the higher its rating because century-old content may be outdated, and Google does not like low on-site activity.

PRposting advises checking PA and other SEO indicators through services such as Ahrefs and Moz. You can safely trust their numbers and make final decisions based on them.