10 Missing Android Features You Can Get Right Now

Missing Android Features

Undeniably, Google’s Android is super amazing. Each new Android release comes with amazing features. That’s why the mobile operating system commands 85.0% of the mobile smartphone operating system market share as iOS takes 25.5% of the market share.

OS Smartphone Market Share
Source: International Data Corporation (IDC)

However, we wish Google would include these 10 missing Android features to the operating system.

Of course, Android 9 already brought incredible features. Besides, the release of Android 10 beta brought the whole mobile operating system world to a standstill with its interactive and alluring features.

Nevertheless, Google didn’t include some previously-announced functionalities.

That means that Android still needs to improve and below are ten of the missing features Google would have added to the new Android releases as shared by Assignment Geek, a proofreading company- thankfully, you can get them right now.

1. Fast Share

Apple is renowned for adding AirDrop to its iOS- a feature that made it easier for users to transfer pictures, contacts, etc. to other users in a similar way as Bluetooth works- but a bit fast than Bluetooth. The feature allows users to send and receive files without sharing contact information. Devices just need to be close together

Afterward, Android Beam announced that it would add a similar type of feature to its Ice Cream Sandwich version. Unfortunately, the feature was too slow and required devices to be placed too close to each other. Google removed this functionality in its Android 10 release though.

Meanwhile, Google had intended to add “Fast Share” during Android 10 beta. The feature would allow devices to detect nearby Android devices on a direct Wi-Fi connection via Bluetooth to allow users to send and receive files with ease.

The feature was only available in Google Play Services and not in Android 10 but word has it that the feature is still in the development stage. In fact, developers have found out that new icons and interface updates have been added to the feature. We hope Google will add this amazing feature to its coming Android release.

2. Temporary Android App Permissions

With the introduction of a ton of third-party apps, it’s easier to install an app only to learn later that you have leaked personal data to applications you have granted permissions.

Typically, some Android applications require you to grant them permissions during installation.

Android’s Bouncer allows users to grant temporary permissions to applications during installation.

The feature sends a pop-up notification whenever you grant permission to an app you’re installing.

The good thing about this feature is that you can set it to withdraw the permission granted on an app immediately you exit it.

This applies to apps such as Uber and many others that you’re only going to use them occasionally. For example, if you wanted to use Uber, you would only want to grant the application permission to access your location but once you’re done with it, you can command Bouncer to withdraw the permission.

This means that Uber will not access your location on the background once you’re done using it.

3. Screen Recorder

Apple’s iOS has had a native Screen Recorder for a while but Google is yet to add this feature to its Android OS.

According to Essay on Time, a company that writes students’ custom papers, there were hopes that Android 10 would come with a screen recorder feature but Google didn’t include it either.

Google instead added an experimental screen recorder in the Android 10 beta period in which users could configure it from the smartphones’ Settings.

Nevertheless, the feature didn’t function although Google had shown interest in adding it to Android.

In fact, the feature disappeared completely in the Android 10 release.

We hope Google will add this interactive and appealing feature to its new Android releases.

4. Translate Button for the Recents Screen

During the Android 10 beta period, Google had shown signs on adding a Translate button for Recents screen.

This feature would allow users to select text from applications in the Recent screen on mobile devices then Android would add the translate button using a different language user can easily understand.

Unfortunately, this feature never appeared in the final Android 10 release.

No developer has ever found out what happened to the feature but it would have helped non-native English speakers.

Perhaps Google will add this feature to its next Android version- let’s wait and see.

5.  Unnotification

The MS Office suite has an undo button that lets you undo changes you made to a document. This is so that you don’t start typing a fresh- assuming you deleted the whole document or a few paragraphs.

Now, think about it. Your smartphone has a ton of applications sending notifications whenever you activate them.

The last thing you want to do is to accidentally swipe away some important notifications on your mobile phone.

How great would it be if you could undo those notifications you swipe away accidentally?

This is what Unnotification would help you with.

Basically, the feature sends a warning whenever you want to swipe away a notification so you can check before swiping away any notification.

Besides, the feature lets you exclude specific and important notifications.

6. Automatic Dark Mode

While Google had planned to introduce the Automatic Dark Mode feature to its Android 10 version, the giant software company didn’t implement it fully.

Typically, this feature would change the appearance of the screen to dark or bright depending on the time of the day.

Other companies like Samsung have already added this feature to their operating systems so its absence on Android is strange.

Well, of course, a certain development company has already released this app but it would have been better if Google would have added it to Android 10.

7. Rules

Rules” is yet another feature that’s partly missing and partly available on Android.

That because the feature was privately accessible during Android beta 10 periods but the XDA developer teams activated it on Android 10 Beta 5.

Typically, the app lets users set their smartphones on Do Not Disturb mode when connected to their work’s Wi-Fi network.

Well, of course, Google had enabled this feature on some Pixel 2 and 3 smartphones after the rollout of Android 10, although it isn’t fully implemented on Android.

Users can still access the feature on Pixel phones with Android 10 on rooted devices.

It’s still unclear when the app will be made available to all users.

8. Notification History

According to assignment help, most smartphones get thousands of notifications every day. Chances are that you dismiss some notifications without giving them a second check.

Now, Android lets you view all notifications you have received even though this feature isn’t easy to reach.

That’s why you need “Notif Log”.

Basically, this feature records each notification your phone receives even if you dismiss it so you can check it later in the app.

Besides, the app lets you snooze notifications so you can check them later. The app also offers you quick actions you can take on each notification.

9. Bulk Uninstallations

Undoubtedly, your Android phone is full of installed apps as you read this article.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to uninstall multiple apps at once.

Thankfully, UnApp lets you uninstall multiple apps at once.

You just need to select the apps you want to uninstall on your phone then hit the delete button on the app. You don’t need to individually delete an app. It can be tiresome- assuming you have multiple apps you want to clear on your phone.

10. Notification Bundles

How would it feel if your Android phone would classify notifications in certain categories such as messages, news, promotions, etc?

It would have been great, right?

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t have this feature which could help you identify important notifications out of the tons of them you get every hour.

Now, Notifix bundles all your notifications and classifies them so you can easily tell which ones you should check and which ones you should ignore.

Other missing Android features that Google could have added to the final release but never did include…

Google Pay

Google announced this feature on Android’s website but didn’t add it to the final release.

Google Pay was an option in the power menu for Google’s payment system that was meant to display passes, tickets, credit or debit cards, etc. when you pressed your phone’s power button.

Well, of course, the switch for this feature was added to the Settings app but it wasn’t functional and, in fact, the toggle was taken out after the final Android 10 release.

Permissions Manager

Permissions Manager leaked during Android Q periods but unfortunately, Google didn’t add it to the final release.

Basically, the feature showed the number of times apps check your phone’s information including your contact, photos, SMS messages, etc.

Had Google added this feature to Android, it would have been easier for cybersecurity agencies to discover malicious apps that steal personal data.

Users could also identify apps that access their information.

Final Word

Many important features that were originally planned for the Android version didn’t make it to the final release.

Unfortunately, these features could have made a huge difference in the way users interact with the Android operating system.

Perhaps Google will add some or all of these mentioned features to the new Android versions, but who knows?

We just hope it will happen as we eagerly wait for it.

Do you know of any missing Android features that Google could have added to the operating system?

Please share that with us in the comment section.

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