4 Top Review sites for Android Apps – Review Your App

Millions of apps are present over the Google play store. According to some statistics, almost 6 million apps are present over the Google play store. The number of apps that are published over the google play store are increasing daily.  A huge number of apps are published every day over the Google play store. The competition between different apps is also increased greatly. Therefore, app reviews play a great role in the success of an app over the play store. Different apps are present over the play store which are similar to each other. If you want to grab the user’s attention, then your app must provide something unique to the users and it should provide a new feature to the user that has never been introduced before.

Hundreds of people download apps over their Android phones every day. Some influencing factors prompt the users for downloading an app. People need proof before downloading an app that the app will serve them their purpose. When we are providing the proof to the users about the usability of an app, It is usually in the form of user reviews. Rating and reviews are one of the most important influential factors that affect the ranking of the app and the success of the app in Google play store. You must be wondering now what is a review for an app? The answer to this question is as follows:

  • An app review is a response that is written by the users of the app.
  • An app review is a way of explaining the views of the user regarding an app.
  • App reviews are a kind of marketing tool that builds trust among the target audience for the use of an app.
  • For an app to be successful over the play store, the reviews of the people play a crucial role. For example, if the reviews of an app are positive for an app Then such an app will be downloaded more frequently over the Android devices and the ranking of the app will increase overall. Similarly, if an app gets bad reviews by the general audience, few people will download such an app over their mobile phones and it will destroy the ranking of the app over the Google play store. 

Why there is a need for reviews for an Android app?

As an app developer, you might think that your Android app is the best in the world. However, it is not reality.  You can never be sure about the success of your app If you don’t have verified authentic reviews from the target audience regarding the usability of your app. To measure the performance of your Android app, you should rely on honest and unbiased opinions of professionals who will use your app. The app reviewing process is a very important process and it cannot be ignored if an app is expected to become successful in the future. Getting an Android app reviewed will increase the exposure of the app among the target audience. The reviews of the people usually determine whether an app is good and useful for the audience or not. Getting an app reviewed is part of the marketing process that increases the chances of success of an app over the Google play store. Several different websites are present on the Internet where you can publish your app and get reviews and feedback from the people. List of different websites that can be used for reviews of Android apps are as follows:

  1. Androlib

This platform provides a list of different apps that are available in the Android marketplace. All the popular apps that are in trend on the Android marketplace can be found on this platform. It provides the opportunity for the users to insert short reviews regarding an app. The users typically write reviews about the functionality and usable features of the app on this platform. It also offers useful information to the users in the form of the price of the app and user ratings as well. It offers a useful section Known as “browsed apps”. Try to make your Android app as engaging as possible so that it can be featured in the “browsed app” section of Androlib and get good user reviews of the target audience.

  1. Android Apps

This platform is one of the most useful platforms regarding the reviews of Android apps. The interface of this platform is very captivating. This platform provides different kinds of categories for the apps. This platform follows a blog style. This website also includes an App Recommendation section. If you submit your app over this platform for reviews and your app is liked by the audience then it will be featured in the recommended sections of the app on this platform. Before submitting your app for the app reviewal process, you will have to provide different screenshots and videos in a limited size for your app. You have to provide the information to the user such as the price of your app and all the promotional stuff that you did for the app. You can also select different reviewers to review your app from the list of reviewers provided by this platform. In this way, you will get reviews regarding your app and you can improve your app according to your requirements.

  1. AppsZoom

This is a catalog-based platform. This platform allows the users to review the site by searching and browsing different apps present in the catalog of Appszoom. If you submit your app over this platform for the review process, you will have to provide different kinds of screenshots of your app along with the price and review points for your app. It is one of the most favorable platforms by the developers. There is one section on this platform that includes “Top Picks” for different developers. Different types of featured apps are also included in this platform. A very updated blog section is also present where different top grossing apps are discussed among the reviewers. This is a unique platform that provides video-based reviews for the apps as well.  App reviews are published on the official YouTube channel of Appazoom. As the majority of the target audience is always drawn towards watching the video reviews, therefore using the Appszoom platform is one of the most useful options for the developers who want to get reviews for their apps.

  1. AppBrain

This is also a catalog style platform for Android app reviews. Different sections are present inside this platform that provide reviews for all the famous apps present on the Android marketplaces. A user can browse different categories to search for apps. This platform consists of a “latest review” section.  In this section, the users can view different reviews that are present for the latest apps present in the app stores. A description of the app is required regarding the main functionality of the app along with the price of the app for getting your app reviewed from this platform. It provides a list of apps to the users to install and download the app on their devices with the help of a single click. Therefore, this platform also helps in the distribution of your Android app in the target audience. This platform improves the promotion of the app among the users. This app reviewing platform acts as a distributor of your Android app along with the review of your android apps.

How to correctly correspond with the app bloggers

You must follow certain rules when you will correspond with different app reviewers and bloggers. Down below are some key points that you should follow while corresponding with the app reviewers:

  1. First of all, ensure that the reviewers are familiar with the type of app that you are developing.
  2. Be thankful to the reviewers for reviewing your app.
  3. If you use email correspondence, then be polite in your email correspondence.
  4. Be honest in your collaboration with the reviewers.
  5. If your app gets negative reviews from the critics, do not take it personally. You should rather invest your time in improving the app. 


Getting your app reviewed by the critics is one of the most important factors regarding the success of the app on the Google Play Store. An android app is nothing without user reviews. App reviews help other people in deciding whether to install the Android app on their mobile phones or not. Different websites are present on the Internet that can be used for reviewing Android apps. Some of these websites that can help you in the  process of the app reviews are as follows:

  1. AppBrain,
  2. AndroLib,
  3. AppsZoom,
  4. Android Apps.

You must be very polite and friendly while corresponding with the app reviewers. The app reviews help the developers for improving their apps in terms of their functionality and usability. Therefore, if you get negative feedback regarding your app then don’t take it personally rather you should focus on providing the solution to the problems. In this way, you can use the reviews to make your app successful and earn revenue from it.