4 Auto Dialers to Use in Your Contact Center

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer is one program you must have in your contact center, especially in marketing and sales. It will automatically dial the numbers and connect them to available agents, thus cutting idle time. Not all auto-dialers were created the same, and not all contact centers have similar needs. There are different types of auto dialers, including the following: 

  • Predictive auto dialer. It automatically dials the numbers and connects the calls to available agents. The software estimates the drop rate and time on the phone. It then decides to speed up or slow down calls. A new call may be connected right away as soon as the agent is free from the previous call.
  • Progressive auto dialer. It works almost the same as a predictive dialer software. The only difference is that it starts dialing a number only when an agent is finished with the call.
  • Preview auto dialer. This type of auto dialer gives a preview of the customer’s information before dialing a number. It allows the agent to prepare and better understand the client or the situation before talking to them.

Below are some of the auto-dialers sold in the market. You can incorporate one of them into your business operation. 


This auto dialer software will save management time in checking the idle time of agents. Plus, it will also maximize talk time, as successfully answered calls are the only ones transferred to available agents. It also automatically adjusts the rates of the calls depending on the successful connections and availability of the agents. It has different modes that you can manually adjust based on your needs. For example, you can set it to a model that allows agents to check the client history or information before manually calling the number. 


If you are looking for a user-friendly and inexpensive dialer, this is one of your options. Unfortunately, as of this writing, only one pricing is offered, which is per user every month, and it also doesn’t have a free trial. Besides auto dialling numbers, other features include Salesforce integration, convenient reporting accessible on mobile app and web, and geo-tracking for both agents and customers. 


It’s an intuitive and feature-rich dialer, although it’s on the more expensive side. There are different pricing options available, and they also offer customization. Plus, you can try it for 14 days, so you can have a feel of the software before you commit. It creates a list of contact details from crawling the web and automatically calls them. Other features include showing the status of the agents, a preview of customer information, and tracking which missed calls were solved. 


It has a free plan, although you are only limited to 25 calls each day. Compared to per-user pricing, it offers an affordable team plan, but only up to five users. It continuously makes calls, so agents receive them as soon as they are available, although you have the option to pause that when needed. 

Weigh the features of these dialers and their prices too, and see which will work best for your contact center.