5 Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation

Today’s world is dominated by social media networking. Digital presence has become a crucial part of everyone’s life. From running a business to creating content on YouTube channels, every creator is working towards gaining wider reach. 

YouTube has become the topmost online video search engine. Running a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of effort and strategizing. In such cases, YouTube bots are extremely beneficial. YouTube bots are the smartest tools for automating your channel.

The automation software helps to target the right audience, generate more engagement on YouTube, and increase your youtube  subscribers. Thereby, providing a hands-free experience to the user and helping them focus on content creation. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the five best YouTube bots that are safe and effective for automation – 

Tube Buddy 

Tube Buddy is the first free YouTube automation software that comes as a browser extension. It is by far the most efficient YouTube bots that will help you gain more engagement on YouTube. The core of this browser extension is SEO optimized. This helps to increase your visibility online by extending SEO optimization to your YouTube content. 

Additionally, the SEO optimization tool suggests intelligent content ideas based on the keywords associated with your content. For example, Tube Buddy extension will optimize your content and find out the keywords. Based on those keywords, it will suggest YouTube video tags, headlines, captions, and popular topics to gain wider reach on YouTube. 

The advanced coding tool of Tube Buddy is excellent for increasing productivity through emoji packages, filters, and card templates. Moreover, the software is built to automate any task related to your YouTube channel. Thereby leaving you with lots of free time to focus on content creation. 


Another best YouTube bot for safe automation is SubPals. It is typically a free YouTube subscribers service that provides ten free subscribers every 12 hours. Isn’t that a great service for a beginner who is starting new on YouTube?

The free features typically work in a subscribe-for-subscribe format. You can activate this feature by liking and subscribing to 20 videos and 20 channels respectively. The upgraded versions of this model require zero time investment. However, you may have to join a monthly subscription plan to use the upgraded version of SubPal. 

Usually, it costs around $80 per month for gaining up to 60 subscribers every day. Perks of using SubPal are to increase views, gain wider reach and more engagement on YouTube. Furthermore, SubPal has excellent customer support, safety, and security. 


Jarvee is one of the initial and most promising YouTube bots. It has been around for ages and is often credited to kickstart the entire YouTube automation software business. Jarvee is best known for its quality service. 

The automation features are incredibly useful. Moreover, Jarvee offers features such as auto-linking and auto-commenting that allow more engagement on YouTube. The auto-pilot scans offered by Jarvee helps to reciprocate the actions of proactive subscribers on your channel. By doing so, the bot unfollows inactive and fake accounts.

The auto commenting option generates texts that are believable and interactive. Jarvee is available on all Windows platforms. Moreover, it provides fully integrated support for most of the social media networks. Thereby helping to gain a wider reach. 


UseViral firmly stands as the number one YouTube bot for safe and accessible automation. Moreover, it is simple to use especially for people who are new to YouTube bots. Most of the tasks here are performed with a high level of automation. This leaves the user with minimal monitoring and maximum focus on content creation. UseViral assists with YouTube channel optimization. Furthermore, the features and services provided by UseViral strictly comply with the rules and terms of the YouTube agreement. 

UseViral uses a network of influencers and popularity boosters to gain wider reach and provide a long-lasting organic flow of subscribers. An excellent feature of UseViral is that it cross promotes other social media networks to attain maximum popularity online. Thereby generating more engagement on YouTube as well. 

Another feature of UseViral is that it conducts relevant research on your content and targets the audience accordingly. By doing so, you can grow a loyal and genuine community of subscribers on YouTube. 

TubeAssistPro by FollowingLike 

FollowingLike is the most dominating social media managing platform that extensively helps in the organic growth of subscribers on YouTube. TubeAssistPro is a YouTube bot created by FollowingLike. It primarily focuses on the natural growth of your YouTube channel by targeting the right audience. 

Moreover, the TubeAssistPro software is devised to help you gain more engagement on YouTube. The core of this YouTube bot manages content through keyword search. It analyses the keywords for each video. Furthermore, it conducts audience engagement activities to get a wider reach. 

Other features offered by TubeAssistPro include – 

  • Auto-liking/ Auto-following 
  • Unliking/ Unfollowing 
  • Messaging 
  • Subscription

Additionally, TubeAssistPro offers attractive packages to manage one or multiple YouTube accounts. With a well-organized dashboard and fun features, TubeAssistPro is an excellent YouTube bot for safe automation. 


YouTube bots are the most essential and user-friendly automation software. The services provided by these tools help to optimize your YouTube content, gain wider reach and get more engagement on YouTube. 

Some of the features provided by the YouTube bots mentioned above include auto-commenting, auto-liking, and auto-following. These tools are excellent to keep the audience engaged and entertained for a longer time. 

All the features and services offered by YouTube bots are aligned with the rules and terms of the YouTube agreement. Therefore, these bots are safe and secure for automation. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list of the five best YouTube bots mentioned above. Choose the best suitable bot for growing your YouTube channel.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023