AppsGeyser Android App Tool Platform – The Basics

With the influx of modern smart phones, the use of mobile apps have become part of our daily lives. A large number of people are looking to enter the app market with apps of their own however, with the cost of using an app creation professional being so high, many are turning to Android app tool platforms, such as:  AppsGeyser to create their dream app.

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Android app tool platforms, like AppsGeyser, have opened the app creation market to all individuals regardless of their technical knowledge, these app platforms enable simple web based apps to be made in just a few simple clicks, yet they also host the ability to be customized by those that want to test their technical abilities.

What is AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is an online Android app tool platform that provides the essential tools for potential app makers to use to create Android apps. What this means is that anyone can use AppsGeyser’s app making tools whether they are an experienced developer or someone that has no technical knowledge. To date over half a million Android apps have been created using AppsGeyser’s tools and over 350 million app downloads have been achieved.

How can you create an Android app with AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser presents app makers with a range of app making templates from which they can create an app. These templates range from simple website templates to more complex zip documents, all templates provided by AppsGeyser can be customized to ensure the apps created maintain a personal feel. More experienced app makers have the ability to use the AppsGeyser templates to create more complex apps integrated with JavaScripts.

What makes AppsGeyser’s app platform different from other app making tool providers?

When deciding which app platform to use it is important to look at the benefits each platform provides, AppsGeyser comes out as an overall well rounded platform that offers many extras that are not provided at present elsewhere within the app creation market. AppsGeyser offers:

1. Immediate access – AppsGeyser allows the user, to not only create an Android app, but it allows the app maker to view the app immediately to see how and where changes need to be made before submission to any app market or app review process. This shortens the app making process and gives complete control to the app maker. Other companies require apps to go through a review process which can take anything from 1-6 weeks, meaning if you want to make changes or even view the app to see if changes are required, you can’t.

2. App Improvement – AppsGeyser also allows the user to update their app and personalize their app without any restrictions. All updates are effective immediately and an updated APK is immediately available to submit to app markets. Once again, the control of the app development remains in the app makers hands, encouraging app updates which will be a focus point later in the app’s ASO strategy.

3. App markets – Unlike other app tool providers, AppsGeyser allows the app maker to submit their app to numerous Android app stores without restrictions or a timelapse. Many other app tool providers require apps to be sent to them for review which can take up to SIX weeks only for your app to be refused permissioin to be created, these same companies then offer you the option to allow them to upgrade your app for a fee. GooglePlay does not have a review process and all apps are accepted, therefore you do not need to pay someone to ‘upgrade’ your app for you. We believe strongly that all apps should be created to a high quality, but this is a process that AppsGeyser will help you with through their fantastic customer service for free. In addition, as an app maker, you will be able to see how your app is performing and make the required upgrades as and when required.

4. Customer service – AppsGeyser prides itself on helping app makers with every step of the app making process. AppsGeyser offers personal advice and answers technical questions via email, through our social network and Get Satisfaction customer service page. In addition to their customer service, the AppsGeyser blog has been set up in the form of an ongoing tutorial to ensure app makers are able to access immediate advice 24/7 through the blogs search facility.

When looking to start a career in the app industry, or just to create an app for fun, it is worth taking just five minutes to click through to and see how easy it is to create an app from scratch in minutes.