5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Mobile

You may think that going mobile is not something that your business needs, but you are wrong. Around a decade ago there was a sudden influx of businesses running to get online after seeing the impact the Internet was having on businesses.

When the Internet was first introduced, marketers did not initially stand up and jump into online marketing. Its significance was somewhat side-lined. There was a sudden change, and a rush to get businesses online once the reality of its importance hit home. This time round, no one is taking a chance. Businesses are not waiting to be the last to get mobile. As a business owner, or a marketer, you want to be within the first, not the last, to become mobile. The competition is already strong and will only get stronger.

Today we are looking at 5 reasons why your business needs to be mobile, and you need to build an Android app as a marketing tool for your business. (Or if you are an app maker, how you convince your clients to build an Android app for their business).

Why do business need to go mobile and build an Android app?

1. Make your company accessible and build your audience

The concept of mobile is to encourage accessibility regardless of location or time. Android apps encourage your audience to connect with your business at all times. What happens when you are out for the evening with your friends and someone suggests a group holiday to the Far-East. The planning now will start immediately. You can download an app that will give you all the information that you require for this trip without having to wait to get home to log on to the Internet, or leaving it to the next day when the excitement has worn off slightly. Although this example is slightly more extreme, it shows you how at times people need to jump on an idea as it happens and use a little spontaneity. Mobile encourages this spontaneity.

2. Consumers are mobile

Becoming mobile is not only about spontaneity. Android app are used more and more as places to compare prices and services on the go. The retail and service industries are now being compared as they have never been compared before and the competition is hot. Without mobile, the Internet was able to give consumers the option to do a price comparison on their home computer, but once on the street they had no choice but to take the price in the store they entered. Now they can compare the product and the service right up to the last detail. Entering a store no longer means a sale will take place. It’s the mobile world that is deciphering sales; therefore it is always vital that prices, sales and services are clearly advertised on your app.

3. Become social

The most important aspect of mobile apps is their ability to encourage social interaction between the audience, and the business and their friends. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow the freedom to interact in real-time. This social interaction allows your audience to spread your deals with their online connections with just a simple click, giving you free advertising without you having to do anything, or spend money on additional advertising. Make sure you have a social link on your app.

4. Promotes word of mouth advertising

Related closely to the social networking advantages, mobile apps encourage word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is the most successful form of marketing that any company can have, and this marketing strategy cannot be planned. It is not possible to force people to talk about your company and promote it in a positive light. This is a natural occurrence that takes place, and is fantastic for business.  A trick that some companies have is to send out social messages to thank consumers for their purchases, or set up a competition online that will encourage consumers to share their experiences with their online connections.

5. Provide better customer support

Nothing is more important to a business’s success than the quality of their customer service. Mobile apps ensure that your company has real-time contact with the audience allowing for up-to-date customer service. If you decide to build an Android app, you are giving your audience the opportunity to connect with you, no matter where they are in the world, and find the support and/or information they are seeking.

I hope that I have managed to convince you to build an Android app as a marketing tool for your business. An Android app is the easiest way to marketing your business successfully, and by using the free to use AppsGeyser tools, you can build an Android app without eating into your marketing budget. Good luck