5 Ways to Market Android Apps the Social Way

The internet has opened the world and turned it into a smaller, easier to access place. What we love about the internet is that is has given everyone the ability to voice and share their opinions and views, this aspect of the internet has given us a new avenue to market Android apps and to access our audience. What people say online about our company can have a huge impact as it can spread widely within a short space of time, both negatively and positively; therefore it is vital that all businesses are internet aware and more so internet active. This medium has now spread to the mobile marketing sphere, enabling marketing to remain live, in real-time.

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What is social marketing?

Social marketing is a marketers dream and nightmare all rolled into one because of the huge impact word of mouth can have on a business. The online and mobile social experience enables marketers to develop marketing activities that are aimed at gaining access to their audiences’ behaviour and activities for their own benefit. Marketers use social marketing to analyse what is being said and felt about their brand and act accordingly. In one sense, social media acts as an on-going market research station for marketers. What makes social marketing different from traditional marketing, is that social media is not aimed at directly influencing consumer behaviour, but is aimed at listening to consumers and building relationships with consumers. SocialMeep exposed article here you can check out for related resources.

The influence of mobile on social marketing has turned the marketing world on its head, mobile now ensures that all social activity is based in real-time, meaning consumers now have access to social no matter where they are. Mobile ensures that consumers are not tied to desktops, but can access messages at any moment in time from any device that has internet access. For the mobile marketer, this means there is a constant demand to respond and interact with consumers to maintain their relationship.

5 Ways to Market Android Apps

There are five ways in which mobile marketers can ensure their marketing campaign encourages a positive response:

1. Create a good online and mobile presence, building brand awareness – The foundations of mobile marketing begins with building brand awareness through creating a presence. In order to create a presence on the social scene a mobile marketer has to be active online and ensure that tweets, images, posts and so forth are kept relevant and interesting for their followers. What is important to remember is that social in not about selling online, it is about building relationships whilst ensuring posts are relevant to you and your brand.

2. Keeping customers active and engaged through mobile marketing – Once an audience has been built it is vital for a mobile marketer to keep these users active. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished, some of the most successful ways to achieve engagement is through initiating debates, creating competitions and including some humor on your page.

3. Monitoring what is being said about your company and responding immediately – Social networking can be your best friend but can also be your enemy, we all know that people love to share their negative experiences quicker than they share their good experiences, therefore it is vital that you monitor what is being said about your company on social networks and that you respond to each and every message not matter its content. Make sure you provide an easy to read response as not all your audience members will be native language speakers.

4. Being positive and professional – This is a continuation to the previous point, in order to maintain your relationships with your audience you must ensure that all content provided, as well as all responses to comments are kept professional and most importantly positive. Ensure that when you want to encourage people to engage with you and therefore you need to make people like you by being sympathetic to their needs and wants.

5. Building a relationship and mobile persona – What you are in essence doing by creating a mobile social campaign, is encouraging your audience to build a relationship with you. In order to build a relationship, as you would with a personal relationship in the ‘real world’, you need to create a persona that your audience can relate with. Your persona should be professional, yet relaxed and easy to approach. Not many people want to engage with someone that just posts statistics, research and links to their services and products, people want to engage with someone fun, informative and real.

Mobile social marketing has transformed the way in which marketers work and it is this point app makers need to focus upon when you want to market Android apps correctly. This more informal marketing ploy has encouraged engagement and for those that have already invested their time in their social marketing plans, has increased sales for products as well as services. It is never too late to get started on your mobile social marketing plan.