500 Markets Review – Start Trading the Financial Markets [2022]

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500 Markets is a prominent name in the forex and cryptocurrency trading industry, and rightfully so. The platform has helped people analyze the market quickly due to its vast array of technical indicators.

One of the best things about 500 Markets is that traders worldwide trust it. Through a leverage position, people use 500 Markets to invest in various financial assets.

This article takes a deep dive into 500 Markets, highlights its features, and showcases a few benefits of using this service. 

500 Markets

The main thing people worry about when trading in the financial markets is security. Without a secure and stable platform, it would be near impossible to keep funds safe and invest effectively. 

People will be happy to know that 500 Markets is secured via military-grade encryption technology and an SSL certification. This security software keeps investors’ accounts safe and protects them from hackers or cybercriminals. 

Another awesome thing about 500 Markets is that traders’ equity is not kept on the company’s website. That means investors’ capital is ultra-secure because there is no way 500 Markets ‘s external server can be breached.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 500 Markets


  • Super-fast execution speed
  • Military grade encryption technology 
  • Huge community
  • Excellent selection of technical indicators and measuring instruments 


  • New traders may struggle to understand the financial markets
  • There is not that much educational content on 500 Markets’s website
  • Some compatibility issues with certain mobile devices

What Are the Risks of Trading with 500 Markets?

Every investor should know that there is always a risk with trading the cryptocurrency or financial markets. It is a known fact that around 80% of traders lose money when they start investing for the first time.

This is mainly due to impatience, a lack of understanding, too little capital, or all three. 

Luckily with 500 Markets, a demo account can be used to test out the services first before investing real money. This account operates exactly like a real one and gives people full access to all the tools and indicators available in the trading hub. 

What Assets Can People Invest in with 500 Markets?

500 Markets allows investors to purchase and hold a massive range of cryptocurrencies, CFDs, foreign currencies, and even precious metals. What’s excellent about 500 Markets is that there are no fees charged for leveraged trading on any of its assets. 

The most prominent digital assets you can invest in with 500 Markets are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and TRON. These tokens have seen exponential growth over the last decade and are a firm favorite of investors worldwide.

Is 500 Markets a Good Choice for Investors?

When looking for a platform to invest in stock, CFDs, forex, and cryptocurrency, people ask, “Is this broker a good option?” 

Investors will be happy to know that 500 Markets is an excellent platform for investing. The application makes it easy to get started in the daunting world of forex and cryptocurrency trading, making that one of the reasons it is beloved globally.

With 500 Markets’s intuitively designed software, people can start investing in the markets as soon as they download the application. 

How Is 500 Markets’s Customer Support?

One of the most fantastic things about 500 Markets is that the company has exceptional customer support. Investors can contact client services via email, live chat, and phone.

The support staff are well trained and accommodating no matter what issue someone is experiencing. If there has been a problem loading funds to an account or a person forgot their login details, 500 Markets’s customer support is there to help. 

What Commissions and Fees Does 500 Markets Charge?

A remarkable thing about 500 Markets is that no fees are charged on leveraged trading. However, 500 Markets does charge a small 1% fee when someone withdraws their profit from a successful trade. 

The Deposit and Withdrawal Process for 500 Markets

People worldwide love how easy it is to deposit and withdraw funds from their 500 Markets trading account. 

An investor can deposit capital via the multiple payment options available on the 500 Markets platform, including PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer.

When it comes to withdrawing profits, traders will be happy to know that it only takes two days for the money to reach their account. If someone wants to take their cash out of 500 Markets, they need to head over to the withdrawal tab and click “Cash Out.”

What Mobile Compatibility Does 500 Markets Have?

500 Markets’s software can work on various mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and Google smartphones. However, there are some issues that users may experience if they try to use this application on a cheap Chinese knock-off or something similar.


Overall, 500 Markets is a reliable and trustworthy trading broker that people can use to invest in forex, CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It is protected by superior-grade security software and has an easy deposit and withdrawal process.

It’s time to begin the journey into forex trading with 500 Markets today.