9 Powerful and Quality Car Racing Games for Android Users

Car Racing Games for Android

Gaming is a great pleasure and fun and can even be a stress reliever if you do this activity within a limit. But again, if you don’t have quality games and you are simply playing the random ones then you might find the activity of gaming a boring venture. Well, there are games related to every area and you can make the most of them.

Do you want to make your days light and the evenings happening? Well, how about touring the roads and winning the routes? Certainly, if you don’t find thrill in driving on real-life roads then why not drive in real life? Exactly, here you would find a couple of the best racing games for Android that are winning the racers and car lovers. If you don’t have them on your Android device yet, make sure you get them as soon as possible.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

It is one of the biggest Android racing games on the market. Legends is the latest and brand new in a long-running series of racing games Developed by Gameloft. Asphalt 9 possesses great graphics and intuitive controls, though its intensive graphics make it a lot more suited to newer phones and tablets. Even the Legends receives regular updates, with the most recent version featuring new cars, Caribbean tracks, multiplayer upgrades, and a lot more. You should check out this game for a whole new level of racing.

2. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is a left-to-right racing experience, fighting you against a series of impressive challengers with a contemporary feel. The game is all about drag racing and car upgrades, with a hefty Fast and Furious feel. Car upgrades are important for early progress here. While timing is significant to get those gear shifts and nitro improvements, upgraded cars are better-equipped. For example, these might have faster gearboxes, or even longer nitro boosts.

3. Speedboat Racing

Nobody has said that racing is all about roads only. What if you race on water? Speedboat Racing is exactly as mentioned, with you competing against a computer-controlled competitor. Once you win a race, it brings cash for upgrades, but the controls are restricted. Rather than steer the boat, your competition is in the straight line. Instead of evading the obstacles and following a track, all you have to do is ensure the start is clean and the gear changes on time. It’s all about your timing, making it a lot more candid experience.

4. Real Racing 3

Another amazing Android car racing game that is a lot of enjoyment and thrill, Real Racing 3 feels a lot like that of Forza series. The player is in full control of the vehicle, throwing it around corners as he or she attempts to win races. Better still, this game appears amazing, with amazing graphics and a realistic feeling of super speed. After all, it is what the name already says ‘real racing’. Moreover, there are various modes that are available, such as Motorsports, Career, and others. However, subsequent modes and levels have to be unlocked with progress. Once you meet certain goals, you are going to unlock new options.

5. Hill Climb Racing 2

If you ever tried Hill Climb Racing by Fingersost, you will certainly love their newest version. Hill Climb Racing 2 comes with new challenges, customization features, and numerous tracks to compete on. You could compete on dirt, snow, moon and earn coins when you win a race. Using the customization features, pimp your car and character to match your needs. You can even pick different skins and tires for your ride to make it stand out among your peers. Talking about peers, you can now create or engage in online multiplayer race competitions while you track your performance on the leaderboard.

One reason to add this to your Android game selection is that it’s light and can play on any smartphone. Play it as many times as you wish for free but you will encounter in-app purchase offers.

6. Street Racing 3D

Experience the thrill of the speed associated with a real racing competition while riding in top-of-the-range sports cars. You will compete with friends in different street scenes including street-themed asphalt road. There are various challenges to overcome in this game, each giving you an option to collect coins and diamonds while rising the ranks. The newest version of Street Racing 3D comes with daily and weekly tasks that provide winning more opportunities.

7. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Welcome to the racing game that’s all about strategy and teamwork. In MM Mobile 3, you create your winning motorsports team from scratch and work together to find the ideal qualifying lap. Every single decision determines your outcome. Some important decisions you’ll come across include choosing the best way to respond to weather changes, safety car periods, and crashes. You get to build your car, hire drivers, and gather the right technology to boost your chances of winning. With the current version, you even add a mechanic to your team.

8. Need For Speed No Limits

Need for speed no limits is another game you may consider adding to your collection. It features cinematic graphics and a world-class interface. It also comes with numerous amazing features including various racing events, customized rides, several cars to choose from, and others. You can opt for classic racing, knockouts, valley racing, or extreme rides. You get to race against various competitors, navigating risky turns and drifts to attain the end as the police trails you. And when you win a race, you earn yourself the best car in town to keep the fun going.

9. Crazy Taxi City Rush

If you prefer one-touch driving control, Crazy Taxi should be on your radar. In this game, your competitor isn’t another car or driver but you will be racing against time. You play as a cab driver and you have to ensure you ferry your passengers to their destination and get there in time. Along the road, you come across pedestrians and other cars that you must avoid hitting even as you rush to get your passenger to their destination in time. It’s a lively game that offers the opportunity to pimp your taxi, acquire new parts and purchase other taxis. When you unlock new levels, you make it possible to hire new drivers with special abilities to boost your efficiency.

Final thoughts

The list of best racing games for Android is wide and varied. However, the above options should get you started in the world of online racing. If you are wondering how to select a suitable game, there are various aspects to look at. Any quality car racing game should have good tactical movement,  player interactivity, strategic planning, and variable powers. The games should offer various levels of challenges but within your ability to hack and rise the ranks. After all, racing is about competition!

Thus, if you are worried about where to get these Android games from, then you might not have checked out the 9apps play store. The platform has all the games for you to download and that too without any expenditure. What’s more, you could try to recreate your favorite game for free using our racing game maker templates.