Android App Making Templates – Website URL – Pros and Cons

AppsGeyser is proud to have produced a wide range of Android app making tool templates to help new and existing app makers create apps from scratch in a quick and efficient manner. The templates that are available each have their own characteristics, and therefore have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Today I am going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the URL website app making tool template.

A URL typed into a browser

What is a website URL app making template?

In simple terms, the website URL app making tool is a link to your current existing website. This is a simple to use tool that connects the Internet URL to the app, which will create your APK required for mobile phone use. It really is that simple.


Simplicity for pre-existing businesses – If you already have a website, then you are almost there. The simplicity of adding the link into the AppsGeyser dashboard and creating an app will take you literally a few minutes – if not less.

Additional promotion for existing businesses – For those with websites and businesses already being promoted on the web, the concept of having an app adds to your range of promotional tools. This allows your company to be available to your audience anywhere and everywhere.

Automatic app update – There is no need for you to constantly update your app. Any updates to your website will automatically be seen on the app, because the app is reading the information directly from the website. Simple.

Branding – The app will continue to hold the look of your brand because it is a continuation of your current website.


No pre-existing website – If you don’t have a pre-existing website you will need to create one. This does not have to be a daunting prospect though. There are plenty of ways to create a website. Click here for more details.

Internet connection – Due to the fact the app is reading information from your website, there must be an Internet connection for this form of app to work. If your website goes down for any reason, the app too will fail to work.

Costs for hosting and domain – Having a website will add additional costs to your marketing plan. Although there are free options out there, most will require that you have a personal domain and usually hosting where costs can vary from $5-25 a month depending on the current deals available.

Mobile optimization – Before a website is converted to an app, we  suggest that the website be optimized. This is a simple process, but one that many people forget to do. Read here for more details.

I hope this have helped clarify any questions you may have had regarding the website URL app making tool. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here, or on our facebook page where we, or one of our thousands of friends will be happy to talk with you.