Android Apps Database: Realm Or SQLite?


Programmers can select a database to hold the data that this software needs during the Android app creation phase. An incorrect database will result in data loss or other issues with app results, which is why developers should make the right choice. That’s why we’re debating Realm vs. SQLite today to help you choose the best database for your needs. There are several databases, but we’d like to compare two of the most common databases for Android apps: SQLite and Realm, and this guide can help you choose the right database for your project. Which is more powerful: SQLite or Realm?


In the year 2000, this database was created. It’s completely free and open-source. SQLite is unique because it does not use a server-client architecture and enables developers to store their apps on mobile devices. That is why so many programmers use it because they need to store all knowledge on a computer without using a server. The database was written in the C programming language, and it can be used using more than 30 different programming languages. An SQLite database is used by tens of thousands of apps today. 1K Daily Profit App and start trading with BITCOIN ERA.


Realm is a NoSQL database that allows developers to define subject relationships in the same way that entity diagrams in any computing language are defined. Today, Realm is frequently used for Android app creation. The realm’s own C++-based core was developed. Since this database is cross-platform, we will use it on all iOS and Android devices. Objects in Realm may be modified in real-time. As a result, objects respond quickly to changes and can be conveniently stored. Since 2016, the realm has become open source and is available for free to users.

SQLite Advantages:

  • Single file: Since the whole database is contained in a single file, migration is greatly streamlined.
  • Standard: SQLite is based on SQL, but certain SQL features (such as the RIGHT OUTER JOIN, FOR EACH STATEMENT, and so on) aren’t enforced in SQLite; several SQL features are.
  • Extensions of the SQL language: The SQL language has certain features that other database engines don’t provide. SQLite can describe new APIs, and developers can create new SQL functions.
  • Developers also need modular solutions throughout the creation phase, making them ideal for development and even research. SQLite provides a lot of functionality, meaning developers can have the features they like, and it also allows you to evaluate your product.

SQLite Drawbacks:

In reality, SQLite would be an excellent option for projects that are limited and not too complex. Developers, on the other hand, will encounter the following difficulties when creating massive Android applications with complex structures:


Since SQLite has a unique layout and other characteristics, developers can think of certain security concerns before using it in their Android applications. The SQLite database, for starters, is stored on a single disc that can be put in any directory. As a result, a benefit will become a disadvantage. Yes, it is very handy, but as a result, there is a significant chance that a fraudulent process could open this database and make modifications. As a result, the degree of protection should be strong, and developers should properly set permissions and avoid allowing files to interact with webroot.

Scalability And Support:

Furthermore, developers must compose more complex queries, which presents a significant obstacle for young programmers who are not proficient in the formal query language. The issue with data migration is the same.


For young experts, SQLite’s deep, vast framework presents a significant obstacle.

Realm Advantages:

  • High speed: When it comes to Android app growth, Realm is lightning quick.
  • Documentation: All records pertaining to Realm are duly published, and experts may provide answers to their questions on the official website.
  • Accessibility: Developers may copy items in Realm that remain accessible outside of the program.
  • There are more options available: JSON support, security, and a fluent API are only a few of the latest features that Realm has to deliver. Realm also sends out alerts as data changes.

Realm Drawbacks:

  • The scale of the APK increases and more RAM is used.
  • Auto-increment is not accessible. Realm does not support auto-incrementing values.
  • Model groups are subject to restrictions. In Realm Model groups, nullable methods such as hashcode and equals are not allowed.