Android Phone As A Surveillance Camera: How To Implement

Android Phone As A Surveillance Camera

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become a part of the person himself. With your smartphone, you can control your entire life. Every year there are improved mobile devices that will include a lot of functions and features. A modern phone is a quality of life, a complete reflection of a person. It contains the functions that are found on a modern computer. Today, an Android smartphone can become a camera in viewer mode and have access to your home or office. This can be done thanks to the presence of Motion detectors for Android.

Application possibility

A smartphone as a webcam can be used in all spheres of life. This is because video surveillance through your smartphone will allow you to control what is happening. Settings allow you to install motion sensors that can capture the slightest manipulation. This device has the following functions:

  • monitoring of children;
  • control the security of the object;
  • viewing the real situation in the room;
  • remote access to cameras in the street;
  • remote control over an essential item.

What do you need to organize remote video surveillance?

Turn your smartphone into a CCTV camera is easy enough to install a particular application that provides remote access. Such an application can be easily downloaded to your phone and adjusted to the user. Below will be considered the most convenient and popular applications.

The best applications to transform your smartphone into an IP camera

Several applications are both easy to use and optimal. You can use them to stay up to date and not worry about your family or property. The programs presented below work according to the same scheme, so the choice depends only on personal preference. They differ in pricing, functionality, and platform.

Alfred viewer

Functions and features

The functions of the program directly depend on the selected mode. If the camera is the primary option for your smartphone, you can use motion sensors, with three degrees of sensitivity. If you use the gadget as a monitor, there is remote access, which can be viewed through a computer running on Windows 10, 8, or similar operating systems. You can enable notifications when important events occur in the place of observation. There is also access to the archives. Everything can be watched through a browser adapted to your smartphone. Two more functions are available in the process:

  • image scaling;
  • creation of images using remote access.

How to use

The application that turns your smartphone into a camera has a simple interface. Minimum elements, the control is standard, and the settings are with hints. With this application, you can give access to third parties. Alfred does not keep a regular record; it records fragments that are distinguished by movement. It is suitable for novice users. The turned smartphone can be a camera and a monitor. It is possible to change this role.

Wardencam – the leading security

Functions and features

  • storing records on cloud storage;
  • automatically start recording when driving;
  • manual control;
  • setting up activity if the user is in the room and no recording is needed;
  • continuous recording;
  • ability to switch active cameras (turn on, turn on, turn on, flash). This is possible if a flexible video camera with backlight is installed;
  • remote access;
  • sensitive motor sensor;
  • independent recording and further storage;
  • changing the role of the gadget (monitor or camera).

How to use

Using the program is simple and convenient. It will require two gadgets. It only uses cloud storage since records are not recorded ion the phone itself. In General, it resembles Alfred. The quality is rated as excellent, and you can use the HD mode. But the quality is worse than the previous program.

Connecting a smartphone via IP webcam based on Android

Functions and features

  • huge range of settings;
  • the interface is multi-tasking;
  • remote access;
  • setting up the recording format, as well as the ability to install a webcam on your smartphone;
  • sensor management, event detection;
  • view broadcasts on any gadget;
  • rotate the camera and turn on the flash if the “backlight” function is set on the smartphone.

How to use

Android-based management is convenient and reliable. Video surveillance can be turned on when necessary. The app is considered optimal if you are well versed in technology. It is fortunate that all records are stored in the phone’s memory. You can delete what you don’t need and save what you need. The interface is suitable for a demanding user who wants to customize the system for themselves.

The software Manything

Features and capabilities

  • the ability to automatically power on with the programming;
  • paid increase in the number of cameras;
  • the presence of a flash if the camera is backlit and flexible;
  • remote access;
  • enabling photography instead of video (provided that the camera view is flexible);
  • sending notifications about events in your home;
  • adjust the image and sound quality.

Instructions for use

After installing the app, you can customize the system to fit your needs. Initially, the paid version will be available, but for free. You will be able to use five cameras, but you will only be able to use one after the expiration date. You can reconnect it for a fee.


Security is an essential aspect of modern existence. If earlier, it was enough to close the door, now it is not enough. The age of technology dictates new rules that are becoming popular and effective. Video surveillance equipment, namely a smartphone as a camera, can simplify life and protect relatives and friends. Video surveillance is considered a budget way of monitoring, but not the worst option.