Apps that Convert Your Smartphone into a Movie Projector

Image source: Pexels

Due to advancements in technology, everyone wants to watch movies and other media types on a big screen. However, apart from the largest TVs available today – which are very expensive – the other option that people have is using a projector.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford even the smallest projector to use at home for entertainment. In addition, having a projector does not give one the flexibility of watching movies on big screens even when on the move.

So, what solutions are available? Well, it would be amazing if you could get a smartphone application that gives you all this flexibility. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. This means that access to projection applications is easier than buying a projector.

There are thousands of mobile applications available in different mobile operating system app stores. If you want to convert your smartphone into a movie projector, here are some of the best applications you can try.


MultiPresenter allows users to project videos, photos, and documents through a wireless or wired medium from their smartphone. It is an easy-to-install tool that does not require any technical knowledge.

This application stands out from many others because of the features that it comes with. You do not need a projection application that allows the projection of videos only. With MultiPresenter you can also project web pages and other types of media. 

You can also create a list of your favorite devices for easy projection. It lists these devices using IP addresses.

Asus WiFi Projection

Asus is one of the best companies when it comes to the manufacture of tech devices. They have not been left behind in developing mobile applications for use with their products. The Asus WiFi Projection is an Android application that allows Android users to project media through a WiFi network.

Using this app, you not only project video files but also documents and images of different file formats. You, however, have to ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same WiFi network as your projector. The projector has to be an Asus wireless-enabled projector.

ViewSonic Wireless vPresenter

Just like Asus, ViewSonic is a reputable company in the manufacture of tech devices. They have developed a dedicated projection application for smartphone users that allows them (smartphone users) to transmit videos, images, and documents to external displays.

This application requires a wireless network to display your videos on projected displays. In addition, it does not limit your phone when projecting your videos. You can still perform other functions with your phone during projection.


This is one of the simplest smartphone applications for those who want to project their phone content on large screens. Just like some projector applications discussed here, you need a WiFi connection to project documents, photos, videos, and documents, among others.

In addition, iShow is a cross-platform application, meaning that you can use it with projectors from different manufacturers. It comes with a host of features, key among them its support for cloud storage. This means that you can access Google Drive and Dropbox, among others directly from iShow.

Acer eDisplay

You should now have realized that every other tech giant has tried to develop mobile applications because of the benefits they stand to gain from them

Similarly, Acer has also developed Acer eDisplay for the projection of videos and other mobile content. Acer eDisplay allows users to project their videos wirelessly on bigger screens.

Using this app, you need to ensure that your smartphone and projector are connected to the same network for you to project videos, photos, documents, and other media types. You can also stream video data and local videos from your phone’s storage.

Panasonic Wireless Projector

The Panasonic Wireless Projector is one of the best projectors for smartphone users. It does not matter where you are, all you need to do is just install this application and start enjoying its services.

It comes with some of the best features among the projector applications discussed here. For instance, you can zoom your videos or even rotate them if you want to. It also comes with a projecting mode known as multi-live that allows you to project from different devices. You can also put a mark on the video that you have already projected for future reference.

Epson iProjector

Being one of the most reputable companies when it comes to the manufacture of printers and projectors, Epson also offers an amazing smartphone projection application. The company won a 2021 Good Design Award for a total of eight products.

You can download this application for free for both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a wireless feature that allows users to project videos, pictures, and other files such as PDF, Keynote, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents. 

You can use the Epson iProjector at home or in the office. It also comes with a remote control function that makes it easy for users to control their videos during projection. You can access videos from the cloud using this application.

Christie Virtual Remote

Just like the Projector remote discussed above, the Christie Virtual Remote allows users to control the projection of content from their smartphones to bigger screens. All you need to do is to first download and install the application on your mobile device.

After that, ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Christie projector. You then need to connect your phone with the projector and start projecting content. You can display and control videos, pictures, documents, and other types of content.

Projector Remote

You are watching a video at home on your Roku TV then something goes wrong and you cannot control or watch the video. It could be the TV or something else, even Roku remotes can malfunction. However, you have a Sony projector at home!

Using the Projector Remote application that is built for use with Sony projectors, you can project videos from your smartphone and then control the projection without any problems. This application comes with a host of features and clearly labeled buttons.

You also get a manual to guide you on how to use the app when you download it. The only downside is that it works with Sony projectors only.

Boxi Air

Looking at Boxi Air, you might think that its developers spent a lot of time building the application’s interface. This is because it comes with an intuitive interface that beats most other applications in this article.

This application comes with a host of features that allow users to project videos and other file types on bigger screens. It is easy to install and use, and does not require its users to have any technical knowledge.

You, however, have to make sure that your Boxi Mobile Projector, as well as your smartphone, are connected to the same WiFi network.

Barco Projector Control

Barco Projector Control is one of the easiest projection and control applications available for smartphone users. The app is free to download and use, but can only be used to manage and control Barco projectors.

It comes with many features that not only allow users to control Barco projectors but to also project content from their mobile devices. You can even switch between projector patterns and videos when projecting.

If you want to turn your smartphone into a movie projector or control the projection of video content on bigger screens, you do not need to look further than these applications. You can use them for free on your smartphone.