Best Free Mobile Games For Android

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More often than not free mobile games UA have a bad reputation which is understandable for most. Those made poorly constantly have ads and other ways of asking the user for money. But not all free games are greedy and actually take pride in providing their users with a great product. They show that they care more about their users than making profits. 

Android makes downloading free games easy by simply letting you do so through the Google Play Store. There is a huge variety of different genres to pick from so that you are always entertained and excited when using an Android device. If you’re eager for but unsure what games to check out then below you will find a list of Android games to check out. 


AnimA is an awesome RPG game that resembles that of Diablo II. It has a similar camera angle, loot, dark fantasy setting and even font as Diablo. Even IT Support Companies are getting in on the gaming action and helping to build servers for certain games. This is a great free game that is easy to navigate your way through. If you were a fan of Path of Exile then AnimA is going to keep you entertained for a while. It is worth a try in your spare time and why not when it is free. 

Call of Duty Mobile

This is arguably one of the most popular games in the world right now. Call of Duty: Mobile is a free to play a game that has a premium Battle Pass system and in-app purchases. But the great part is that you are still able to enjoy the game without making any purchases. The gameplay is extremely advanced and is enjoyable for even casual players. 

There are a variety of game modes to choose from such as 5v5 battles on the map of your choice or even dive straight into a battle royale that consists of 100 players from all over the world. CoD can be played wherever you are, and it is a great way to waste time while also enjoying yourself. The recommended mode should you be on the go is the 5v5 matches as they require less points to win and go by much quicker and you still get the Modern Warfare experience. 


Fortnite is the ultimate game on Android as it is unique to other shooting games. Fortnite comes with the same action as others, but the major difference is the ability to build a fort to protect yourself. It comes with a saved battle pass that saves and can be found should you log onto the game via your PC or console. 

With Call of Duty, this is also an extremely popular game around the world. It has been in the Google Play Store for a long time and has still not lost the attraction that drew many people to the game in the first place. When looking at how companies can provide support, there has been an uptake in IT Support Guildford Solutions that pertain to gaming specifically. There was a legal dispute that saw the game get removed from the Play Store, but it still can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store by Samsung users. 

There are many other games that have tried to replicate the success of Fortnite but have been unable to. Their success is hard to overthrow, and it looks likely to be one of the top games in the world for years to come. Fortnite offers a range of cosmetics to enhance your gaming experience, such as skins, weapons, and even the Catwoman pickaxe, which can be acquired through microtransactions. Fortnite comes with microtransactions that help you get access to cosmetics that attract you but it is still up to the user whether they would like to purchase anything. 

Modern Strike

Modern Strike is the next best thing if you do not like your Call of Duty: Mobile experience. It has a variety of quick match options that offers loads of potential to earn in-game currency while levelling up. There are six game modes in total which are all free, this includes free-for-all, team deathmatch, seek and destroy, and a hardcore mode. 

The in-game currency that can be bought via in-app purchases or even earned through daily rewards allows you to buy new weapons, armour and accessories for all your characters. There are 30 different weapons at your disposal and customization options for your characters. These are all aspects of a great shooting game that should be checked out during your spare time. 


If you’re a huge chess fanatic then this is the game for you as it is chess but with a twist. Chessplode is not just any normal game of chess because it comes with explosions, yes you read that right. It changes the way you play chess which is what makes it unique. A chess master would not have a huge advantage over the less skilled player. 

It works through every time you seize your opponent piece the entire row or column explodes unless that row has a king in it. The game is very different compared to a normal game of chess which is what makes it unique and unrecognisable. This version has different challenges, boards, level generators and a multiplayer mode. It is a game that both a chess noob and master can enjoy simultaneously. We’ve seen how complex these kinds of games can get, it is almost as intricate as the specialised IT Support for Healthcare services and how complicated their systems can get! 


Anyone who loves a game with awesome mechanics and mind-boggling levels then Sixit is perfect for you. When playing your character is an unknown species known as a Pep which has to wake a dragon while trying to save its village from a storm. The plot continuously offers mystery and has some comedy in the form of NPCs that you chat with. 

The game is soothing as the soundtracks put you at ease, it is also a very attractive art style. The key aspect of the game is to acquire artefacts and you get up to six abilities that help you do so. The six abilities are jumping, talking, pushing and more. The catch to the game is that you are only able to use these six abilities, six times per run and when you run out of abilities you have to return to your village headquarters to refresh. The mystery does not stop there! You have to use all six of your abilities in order of the way you gathered them and put them into your inventory. 

The constraints surrounding your moves always keeps the user guessing as you have to rethink your next run very tactically. The only way to move forward in the game is to explore all your moves and be creative with them. Sixit has no ads and is free even though there is the option to pay $1.99 to remove all ads. This is worth it as you are guaranteed to enjoy your experience with the game. 

Alto’s Odyssey 

Odyssey is an awesome game due to its simplistic nature and ability to keep replaying it. Odyssey has a snow mountain setting that changes from desert dunes to lush temple sections. The game mechanics are fun and includes hot air balloons, wall riding and dust devils that fling your character into the air. The game takes you on a great adventure while continuously adding tricks and new slopes to explore. 

The games above are definitely worth a try and a lot of credit can be given to Android for making access to these games easy through the Galaxy Store and Play Store. The games above serve as a great example of games that are free but also quality and fun.