Best Math Websites for Primary School


It’s 8pm on a school night. Your child is getting ready for bed. Their backpacks are packed. Their school clothes are laid out. In fact, everything seems to have been ticked off the list. Everything except their math homework. 

Does this sound familiar? For many parents, trying to get your kids to do their math homework is like wrestling with a bear. It’s futile and you’ll most likely end up defeated. 

Well, not anymore. Fortunately, with the advent of edtech, many math websites have sprung up with the aim of helping primary school students. 

Every day, thousands of primary school students all over the world use these websites to boost their math skills and develop an attachment to math. With any luck, your kid can hop on this train too. That’s why we’ve collated a list of the best math websites for primary school kids. 

But first the basics, let’s identify what makes a great math website. 

Qualities of a Great Math Website

A great math website has everything you need, no doubt. But what specific qualities do you need to look for? Here are a few things worth considering:


Have you ever tried to navigate a slow, complicated website? Do you remember the feelings of frustration, rage, and finally, defeat that came with the process? That’s exactly what you want to avoid when it comes to choosing a math website for kids. A great math website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate even for young learners. If it doesn’t fulfill this criteria, it could end up frustrating the very set of people it was designed to help. 

You definitely want to go for a website where features and text are clearly displayed and where you don’t have to wait for over ten seconds before getting a response. 

An intensive curriculum 

The curriculum is the bedrock of all elementary school math websites. Without an intensive curriculum, your child will probably not learn anything of value. So, before choosing a math website, it’s advisable to ask questions about its curriculum. Does it follow the US standard? Can adjustments be made? Think of these questions as important first date questions. 

Strategies for keeping kids engaged

Here’s the thing: kids tend to lose focus in the twinkling of an eye. It gets even worse when it comes to math, a subject that has a reputation for being complex. The best math websites for kids understand this phenomenon and lay strategies in place to keep kids engaged during each lesson. From game-based learning to interactive videos and activities, these strategies certainly make a difference. 

Performance feedback/progress reports

No parent likes to be kept in the dark when it comes to their child’s academic performance. You want to know how far they’ve come, what changes need to be made, etc. So, when choosing a math website, go for one that caters to this need. Many math websites offer regular feedback and progress reports so you can get a passenger seat on your child’s math learning journey. 

The Best Math Websites for Primary School 

Now, it’s time to explore the best math websites for primary school kids. Our compilation is based on four core criteria: curriculum, user-friendliness, learning strategies, and value for money. Let’s get into it, shall we? 


Brighterly is one of the most interactive math websites for kids on the market. This platform was created not only to make young learners perform better at math but also to help them develop a healthy relationship with the subject. 

To achieve this mission, Brighterly utilizes play-based learning as one of its strategies. Kids are taught through a combination of interactive activities, videos, and fun worksheets. This strategy certainly helps to keep youngsters engaged and help them remember everything they’ve learned.

In addition to game-based education, Brighterly also offers an adaptive curriculum. You’re probably wondering what this means. Well, it’s quite simple. Although Brighterly’s curriculum certainly follows the US standards, the lessons are adjusted to meet each child’s specific needs. This is a win for both parents and students alike because it means that your child learns what they need to rather than learning only what the curriculum states they should. 

One of Brighterly’s most interesting benefits is its free demo lesson available to all prospective users. You can sign up for a free lesson to get a taste of the Brighterly experience before paying for any subscription plan. With all these perks, it’s no wonder that Brighterly tops our list. 

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is another excellent math website for kids worth considering. This platform motivates primary school kids to learn math while teaching them all the core concepts they need. 

Like Brighterly, it utilizes a game-based approach where students navigate a magical fantasy-based world. To advance and cast spells, kids would have to answer math questions correctly. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

Primary Games Arena

Designed as a cost-effective solution to math learning, Primary Games Arena is a fun website where kids can play online math games linked to their homework. Kids can play against other students and test their math knowledge in a fun, engaging way. 

The best part? It’s absolutely free and thus, an excellent choice for any parent working with a tight budget. 

Math Playground 

Math Playground is an excellent choice if you’re searching for online learning resources. With this platform, you can access tons of animated videos, fun math games, and other resources. Although Math Playground has a free version, its premium membership comes with several attractive perks. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is one of the most popular online learning resources in today’s world. This non-profit website allows you to access thousands of video lessons on different topics. You can either live stream these videos or download them for later. The best part? It’s absolutely free!

If you are looking for multiplication games, is the website to visit. The site is full of educational and funny games in which you can practice the times tables.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the best math website for your kid is certainly no walk in the park. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best options for your kid. We hope it helps. 

Good luck!