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Documentation is one of the most important aspects of the banking industry. Therefore, all the respectable banking companies are trying to find the best ways to keep all of their documents safe in electronic formats using different software for PDF editing. In the financial field, documentation security is the top priority for companies. That’s why they all rely on their trusted software. This article is a short overview of Best PDF Editor for Finance by PDFLiner. Here, you can find the top PDF editors for banking and detailed information about them.

Top 6 PDF Editors for Finance

  1. PDFLiner

This PDF software offers a range of PDF-connected tasks like creating a PDF file, editing it, sharing it electronically, printing and even locking it in with a password, or adding a watermark to it. This service has no drawbacks. Moreover, it offers a wide library of ready-to-use forms. When it comes to pricing, PDFLiner offers three subscription plans: Basic for 13$ per month, Pro for 36$ per month, and Premium for 50$ per month. The best thing about PDFLiner is that most of the features are available in the Basic plan.

  1. PDF Extra

PDF Extra came close to being the Best PDF Editor for Finance in our list. With an easy-to-use interface, wide variety of features, and affordable subscription and lifetime options, PDF Extra has plenty to offer to any business owner or accountant looking to upgrade their PDF workflow.

What initially got our attention was the free online compression and conversion services available on the company’s official website. Then we got our hands on one of the paid subscription plans and were pleasantly surprised to learn that besides being very well optimized and working as advertised, PDF Extra also comes with free cloud storage that lets you collaborate with your team on the go.

  1. Sejda 

Sejda is a pretty promising service with online and desktop versions. The interface is simple and user-friendly, which saves time for training. This pdf editing software offers a free version, but with a lot of limitations, such as having a maximum of three tasks a day and only working with one document at a time. Also, in the free version, you can’t work with files larger than 50MB or 200 pages. 

The democratic pricing offers an editor for 7.50$ per month. The biggest con is the text editing which seems to be flaky, so the fonts get messed up and impact the overall look of the final document.

  1. Nitro Pro

This editing software offers a wide range of tasks you need to work with PDF files. Its high-quality OCR makes it one of the biggest competitors on the market. But nothing comes perfect. Nitro Pro is infamous for its bad customer support and glitchiness when it comes to editing downloaded files. 

Another disadvantage of this service is that it offers no mobile optimization. Also, it does not support converting to ePub, which can be considered a huge deal-breaker to some people. Nitro Pro offers a bunch of different services, but the one-time license is 179.99$ for Windows and 129.95$ for Mac per user.

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is considered to be one of the best-paid PDF editors, if not the only one. But upon further research, we can see a lot of disadvantages in working with it. The rich set of features will most likely seem quite overwhelming for even experienced users. Also, you have to be connected to the Adobe systems while working with your documents, which can be a big turn-off for people that have to deal with sensitive data. Also, the pricing is quite complicated: 24.99$ billed monthly, or a yearly for 178.99$, which can also be paid monthly in 14.99$ payments.

  1. PDFelement

This PDF editing software offers a variety of editorial opportunities. Its biggest advantage is cross-platform support and the gentle learning curve, which saves a lot of time on training for companies. Although it has a couple of disadvantages, people seem to work around it. 

One of the biggest concerns for users is the low speed of batch processing and the lack of AI working on handwriting. But the affordability makes most of this PDF editor software reviews positive. When it comes to pricing, PDFelement offers a free trial, and the paid version starts at 79,99$ per year.

Make the Best Choice

The widest range of needed features for seamless and safe documentation work makes PDFLiner the most efficient and comfortable of all the best-paid PDF editors mentioned in this article. The affordable pricing combined with the wide range of features, including premade forms, which are not common with banking PDF editors but are vital for the banking field, makes it perfect even for first-time users with no previous experience.

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