9 Best & Helpful PDF Joiners for Office Admins

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If you’re like most office admins, you’re probably looking for ways to save time and money when printing and copying, especially when it comes to your employees’ documents.

One way you can do both is by using an online PDF merger. This tool allows you to easily combine multiple PDFs into a single document; saving hours spent manually printing from computer to computer and cutting your office’s paper usage.

A PDF merger is a great way for anyone in an office work environment to work more efficiently and smartly. If you have a business that deals with a lot of paperwork and forms, as many companies do, this tool could be even more useful than it is for an office environment.

Since there are so many different types of solutions out there, it’s impossible to list all of the tools that can be useful for combining PDF documents. However, we have handpicked the top nine PDF joiners that can best perform for office admins.

How Online2PDF can combine PDF files for office admins

1. DocuPub

PDF is the most popular file format for office admins. You see them everywhere, and they are used to store pretty much every type of content. DocuPub can help you manage your PDF files by allowing you to combine them into one document.


You have a single-page PDF file on your laptop, a multi-page file on your desktop, and another single-page PDF in your OneDrive account. Now you have to print them out and staple them together to submit all the pages with a single cover page. So how do you do it?

It’s easy. DocuPub offers a simple and secure way to combine files into one document. Here’s how:

a) Go to DocuPub’s Merge PDF Files tool

b) Click the ‘Choose File’ button, or drag and drop your files from your computer, OneDrive, or Dropbox account into the box labeled. Then, check the box underneath to optimize the output PDF for a faster web view.

c) Press the ‘Merge’ button to begin the process. Once the file is merged, you can click on it to view it online or hit the download button to get it straight to your device. Furthermore, you can also click the print icon to print it out straight away.

2. MergePDF

Merge PDF is a new tool that enables office admins to combine multiple PDFs into one file. Merging PDFs is incredibly useful, especially if you’re working with many files.

merge pdf

Multiple documents can be combined into one document, reducing the amount of paper and ink needed for printing, saving your company money, and decreasing the space your filing cabinets take up. This also means you don’t have to go through as many pages when looking for something specific.

MergePDF.io supports merging multiple PDF files at a time and can join any number of pages in each PDF file, making it highly flexible in terms of customization. In addition, the website is extremely user-friendly; all you need to do is upload your files via the ‘Choose File’ button or drag them directly onto the interface, set the arrangement, and click Merge.

Compatibility with all operating systems is another perk of Merge PDF. Because any user can access the website from any device (and even from mobile devices), this tool offers great convenience for both employees and management alike.

3. PDF Combiner

Combining PDF files is a common problem for office admins. Whether you’re combining PDFs to send to a client or you want to organize several of your own files into one document, using a high-quality tool makes the process simple and easy.

pdfcombiner.co is a free tool that allows you to combine several different PDFs into one larger file without any watermarks or other limitations.

pdf combiner

 To use it, just click the “Choose files” button on the site and select the PDFs you’d like to combine.

The site will automatically upload them and start combining all the files together into one new file after you click on the merge button. You can then download this new file onto your computer and use it as you see fit.

4. Soda PDF

If you’re an office administrator, you probably have to deal with multiple documents that contain information that’s already in PDF format. Often this will be a contract or other type of agreement, and the PDF may be included with a submission. 

soda pdf

When the time comes to sign the document, though, you’ll need to print out the separate pages and sign them separately.

In order to streamline this process and print only one copy of a signed document, you can use PDF Sam. This is a simple web tool that takes as input two PDF documents and combines them into one single file.

The program is easy to use: upload the files by clicking “Choose Files,” then click “Merge Files” after the order has been set according to your requirements. The output will take a few seconds to get ready. Once ready, you can download the file by clicking the ‘Download File’ button. You can also preview the file to make sure it looks exactly the same as you expected.

5. Online 2 PDF

Online2PDF can help you combine PDF files with just three steps: upload individual PDFs, select the original order of the pages, and download the merged file. 

online 2 pdf

This process doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the tool and takes only a few minutes. There’s also no need to spend extra money on paid tools because Online2PDF offers free service.

6. PDF Joiner

The need for PDF files is increasing day by day as it is easy to create and share them with others. Various tools available on the internet can help you merge two or more PDF files into one file, and PDF Joiner is one of them.

pdf joiner

PDF Joiner is a free online tool that lets you merge multiple PDF files without hassle. You don’t have to install any program on your computer to use this tool. You need to upload the required PDF files on their website and combine them into a single file within minutes.

Merging PDF Files Using PDF Joiner

To use this free online tool, you need to open the website of PDF Joiner in your web browser and follow these simple steps:

Click on the “Upload Files” button from the left side of the page and select the files you want to add to your final merged document from your computer. You can arrange the order and click the ‘Join Files’ button to get a unified version of multiple PDF files.

7. PDF4Me

If you have ever had to deal with the frustrations of merging PDFs manually, you will understand how much easier it is to use an online tool like PDF4me.


The process of merging PDF files online happens in seconds, so you can save yourself a lot of time and energy when you need to upload and attach different PDF documents onto one single file.

Merging PDFs is just one way to use this particular free tool. When you visit their website, you will see ‘Merge’ in the top menu. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the page where you can upload and combine PDF files.

Here you can drop files or click on the ‘Select File’ button to upload the required number of PDF documents. Furthermore, you can also use other upload options, including Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit. The tool doesn’t let you upload PDF files containing more than ten pages.

8. ILovePDF

ILovePDF is another solution to merge PDFs. It offers many features, such as editing PDF files, creating PDFs, converting PDFs, printing PDFs, and more. It is a good option if you want to manage your PDF files yourself without paying any money.


If you want to merge two or more PDF files into one document online and don’t want to spend money, you can try ILovePDF.

ILovePDF will help you merge two or more PDF files into one in a few simple steps. You only need to upload your files and click on the “Merge” button. If you have many files to combine into one document, it may take some time to upload all of them.

9. Small PDF

Small PD is a service that lets you merge PDF files online using a utility called PDfMerge. PDfMerge allows you to add multiple PDF files and incorporate them into one document.

small pdf

If you’re like me, when you get a bunch of PDF documents in an email attachment or on a website, you’ll just end up with this stack of papers all over your desk. However, if these are important files related to each other in some way (like the various pages of an invoice), it can be very helpful to have them all on one document.

It’s also convenient if they’re flyers or newsletters that don’t need to be filed individually but could easily be stored with your other documents.

Small PD makes the merging process easy, and it’s free. Here’s how I used it:

  1. Go to the SmallPDF Merge website and click on “Choose Files.”
  2. Select the files you want to merge from your computer
  3. Click on “Create & Merge.”
  4. Check out the preview of your merged file
  5. You’re done.

10. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader pro

PDF Reader Pro is the highest-rated reader. Remember how we mentioned that all PDF editors are readers, but not all are editors? While this tool is technically an editor, it contains all necessary “reader” features like downloading free PDF books and some vital extras.

This editor can create, read, edit, secure, and convert PDF documents on your computer. Its minimalistic design helps you boost productivity.

When most people think of PDF readers, they automatically think of something like Adobe Acrobat, the world’s most well-known PDF reader app. While that is a great option, it has serious drawbacks that make it a hard sell for all users. We’ll explore that in detail a bit later in the article.


The PDF Reader Pro has a free trial to use the software without paying to see if it fits well. This trial period can help you understand if the features of this software are particularly useful to you. After the trial period, you can subscribe for a once-off price of $79.99/lifetime.