Best Playstore Alternative Platforms to Publish Your App

You have developed a great app! It’s time to finally make it public by publishing it on a good platform. But there are a lot of platforms that can host your amazing app, and finding the most appropriate one is the real challenge to tackle.

AppsGeyser always researches for the best solutions to your problems in the app business success process. Our research team, along with the testers and Quality Assurance officers, hunt for the perfect and most reliable solutions. We have come up with a complete list of most reliable app publishing platforms to aid you in the selection process of best Playstore alternative solutions.

Google Play Store seems to be a perfect choice for most of the Android apps, but it’s not always true. Your Android app niche might be demanding you something else, and you might be struggling with the same platform. 

It’s time to change your platform preferences and have a look at the actual solutions. Let’s have a look at when you should use the Google Play Store.

When Should You Use the Google Play Store?

When it comes to the widest Android app publishing platforms, the Google Play Store paves its way up to the top. There are a lot of reasons behind its popularity, such as the international audience reach and the built-in Android OS compatibility. Still, you need to consider other aspects as well while choosing a platform.

Since the Google Play Store is the largest Android app publishing platform, there are a lot of challenges with that as well. These challenges are as follows:

1. Competition

Being one of the most renowned platforms, the Google Play Store challenges every developer to struggle hard for securing a good position in the app listings. Since there are millions of apps on the store, you need to beat thousands of your competitors in order to make a good standing.

Google Play Store can only be beneficial for you if you have a great developer reputation already. You might face challenges if you are a newbie in this department and don’t know much about the platform.

2. Rapid Technological Changes

If you are unaware of the current technological updates, you might get stuck in somewhere below the average app standings. Google Play Store requires you to re-energize your app with updates frequently to make it more competitive and up-to-date.

It will always be great to know the current innovations in technology and in the app structures. Because of the competition, your app might get fade out in the lists, which consists of numerous other apps.

Let’s have a look at the best Playstore alternative platforms on which you can publish your apps without any worries. 

Which are the Best Playstore Alternative Platforms?

Due to the large competition on the Google Play Store, now you have decided to shift your focus to another platform. There are a lot of other platforms on the market as well, and we are going to explore each one to better understand the structure and compatibility of them with your app. Let’s get started!

1. Amazon App Store

Being one of the biggest competitors of Google, Amazon has its own app store has a ton of features. The competitiveness proves to be quite beneficial for us as a developer because both of these companies provide great features to compete with each other.

The Amazon App Store is full of amazing apps that people love to download and use. As Amazon services are widely used, the app store has also got a good reputation among the audiences. If you have a specific niche with high chances of being popular within a specific region, our recommendation is to go with the Amazon app store.

It offers tons of free apps to users with more deals than the Google Play Store. People love to use Amazon services along with the app store and download unique apps that could hardly be found on the Google Play Store. 

2. GetJar

GetJar is one of the oldest Playstore alternatives being loved by users from all around the globe. The reason behind it is that it provides fast downloads and reliable security. Most of the popular apps on the Google Play Store, like the Angry Birds, have been published on the GetJar for the very first time.

When the Angry Birds got a good reputation from the platform, it moved to the Play Store with a healthy user base. If you have an app that has the potential to be the top in the app standings, we recommend GetJar to give a smooth first try.

3. Mobogenie

Mobogenie proves to be quite a reliable Android app hosting platform. It is one of the best Playstore alternative platforms on the web due to its versatility. The apps you can find on the platform are matchless because it maintains the uniqueness of all the apps on its store.

If you are just starting out your app publishing journey, launching your app on the Mobogenie along with some other platforms would be a great idea. It offers good downloading speed and, overall, a great environment to host your apps.

4. SlideME

When it comes to premium services, SlideME proves to be a renowned option in the best Playstore alternative options. It offers a smooth user experience and has numerous options through which users can get apps.

SlideME offers both free and premium apps for all niches and has a global market. It is one of the most appropriate alternatives to the Google Play Store if you have a paid app to launch. The user base of the SlideME is also quite high as it captures the global audience.

You can target a specific niche and publish your niche-related apps on one platform while targeting other platforms for other niches. For example, you can choose SlideME to publish your apps related to the sports niche and GetJar to publish game apps.

5. Huawei App Gallery/Samsung App Store

If your audience is using a specific smartphone, for instance, the Huawei brand, you can target their app stores. Since these platforms are pre-installed in their mobile devices, it is pretty likely that they use and download apps from these stores.

When it comes to competition, there could be a bit more than other alternative platforms, but generally, it’s a great platform to start your journey. If you have an app with features more relatable to the hardware, you can choose these app stores to make your app successful.

For example, if you have an exercise app that gets the body movement data from the phone’s hardware, it’s better to publish and market it through the native store. You will have to implement less marketing strategies than in the Google Play Store.

6. F-Droid

When we research the best Playstore alternative solutions, there are some unique ones, and F-Droid is one of them. It supports only free and open-source apps and allows others to contribute to apps. It doesn’t have charges of placing your app on the platform.

F-Droid can be the perfect choice for you if your app is a complex one and requires continuous changes. You can place your app as open-source, and other developers can contribute to your app while making it more powerful. 

7. Aptoide

What’s so special about the Aptoide? It offers a different and unique store for every user. Each user can define its preferences, and the Aptoide works to fit the requirements of its users. It could be a great place for your app as it offers more customizability.

If your app is a creative one, and you want to make it public as rapidly as possible, consider publishing your app on the Aptoide while using the other platforms. It will offer more versatility to your audience.


There are a lot of best Playstore alternative platforms on the market but having the most appropriate and reliable one depends upon the nature and stage of your app. If your app is just on the starting stage, it is suggested to place it on multiple app stores before preparing it for the Google Play Store.

If you explore all these mentioned platforms, you will observe that app manageability remains the same in most of them. The structure of these platforms are also the same as the audience is allowed to search apps based on their needs.

Google Play Store is an excellent choice to publish your apps, but there is already a lot of competition there. You can only succeed with a proper app marketing strategy. 

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