Simple Steps to Create an Android App Using HTML Code

Create an Android App Using HTML

This is the era of mobile apps. Even technologies are now more focused on developing innovative solutions for the mobile platform. Android proves to be one of the leading mobile platforms with more than 2.5 billion users all around the world.

Android apps are becoming very popular these days, as well as the competition for making these apps. People love to see innovative apps, and if somehow an app hits its rise, more users engage in it. Android offers various functionalities to be used through apps. That’s why we are here to provide you a comprehensive guide to make an innovative app.

Since HTML coding is the building blocks of web development, you can use it to make robust Android apps. A versatile audience can use these apps. But making an Android app using HTML is a very tricky task because the entire platform of the web is somehow different from the mobile.

Surprisingly, AppsGeyser has come up with a free and easy to use template to make Android app using HTML in just a few simple steps. Our experts have made this template through proper development and testing processes. It is quality rich as well as according to the latest trends.

In a nutshell, making an Android app using HTML has not been so much easier before this powerful template. Let’s deep dive into it!

Why Creating an App with HTML Matters?

HTML builds up the basic structure of a website. Almost each web platform is made through it. Without it, there is no concept of developing web platforms. Since it is the core of every web system, making apps is much easier through it despite traditional coding practices.

HTML apps allow you to make pre-tested apps with a robust structure. These apps can be categorized as more systematic and effective because of their smooth coding structure. HTML offers versatility while choosing platforms to run while most of the conventional languages don’t have the power to do so.

Android apps can be made through Java or Kotlin programming languages, but with the power of our easy to use template, you can make a powerful app by using HTML code. Yes! It’s that simple. HTML makes it easy to understand what you are making, and it proves to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn.

Why Our Template is Popular?

There are numerous templates provided by AppsGeyser. All of these are tested and well-built by the team of industry experts. We have researched current trends and implemented what is in demand. Regardless of the old and outdated templates you found on the internet; our templates are adopting innovations of the modern era.

One of these templates is used to make an Android app using HTML. This template is free and without any hidden charges. All the elements are pre-tested by our qualified team of experts. Luckily, you don’t need to get into the technical aspects while using our template. We take care of all the technical and complex tasks.

Some of the benefits of using our template are as follows:

  • Free Template: One of the primary charms of using our template is that it’s totally free. Yes! You can use it without paying anything. It doesn’t include any hidden costs as well. It’s been designed to give you a platform that directly lands you towards launching your app.
  • Easy to Use: As all of the templates provided by the AppsGeyser are easy to use, this one also comes with the ability to be used by a newbie. No matter if you are a professional app developer or just entering into the app business world. The template has something for everyone.
  • Quality-Oriented: When it comes to quality, AppsGeyser always proves to be one of the most prominent service providers. The template through which you can make an Android app using HTML is also enriched with extreme quality. From design to development, every quality aspect has been taken into consideration. The template has been tested comprehensively and through a lot of manual and automated systems to ensure quality.
  • Completely Guided: All of our templates are well-guided with convenient navigation approaches. The template through which you can make an Android app using HTML is also very clear and completely guided. Even an inexperienced person can also use that template. Unlike other templates on the internet, this is a very robust one.

Steps to Create an Android App Using HTML

The process of making an Android app using HTML is quite challenging because there are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to converting this code into a mobile-friendly version. Luckily, we have come up with a HTML template through which you can easily create an Android app using HTML.

Surprisingly, it will not take more than 5 minutes to create this app if you already have done with your HTML code. So, let’s get started!

1. Set-Up

At first, you need to click on this link to open up the template. We recommend registering to the AppsGeyser platform through this link before going to use our robust templates. That’s because you will be asked later to sign in to redirect you towards your dashboard.

Through your account’s dashboard, you can do a lot of things, such as downloading your app’s APK file and managing them. After you have completed your registration process, you can click on the template’s link to open it up. After clicking on the link, you will see a screen similar to the following one.

create android app from html code

As you can see, there is a mobile screen on the right side and some instructions on the left side. There is an option on the top to Refresh Preview, which will show you live demo of your running app on the mobile screen if clicked.

We recommend clicking on the Refresh Preview button to make sure that you are developing your app in the right way. You will find almost the same structure in all of the AppsGeyser templates. Read through these instructions on the left panel and click on the Next button to proceed further.

2. Insert HTML Code

After proceeding, you will see a screen similar to the below one.

add html code to create an app

You will be asked to write the HTML code in the text box. While making an Android app using HTML, the code is the basic building block of the app. You should write the code which is pre-tested and quality-assured because it can be tricky to see changes in the real-time if you haven’t coded well.

If you are afraid of coding, no problem at all! You need just to copy and paste the HTML code from your trusted sources in the box provided, and there you go. Everything will run smoothly and efficiently. We suggest you live test your app using our easy to use the live testing tool.

You can see the live preview of your app by clicking on the Refresh Preview, and that’s the practice you should follow while going through each step. It will not only assure that you have done quality work but also helps you to see better how it will look like on the real-screens.

After you have done copy-pasting or writing the HTML code in the textbox, click on the Next button to proceed.

3. App Name

After you have written the HTML code in the previous step and clicked on the Next button, you will see an interface similar to the picture shown below.

name your html app

As you can observe, the hard tasks have been gone, and these are just the final steps in making the Android app using HTML. You will be asked to write the name of your app in the text box shown. We recommend writing the app name as clear and concise as possible. Users should easily understand what the app is all about.

To have better user engagement, we recommend you to target a specific audience group with a different language configuration support. There are more chances for you to make your app successful if you target a specific and small group. Write the name of your app in the language your target audience is most familiar with.

After writing out the app name, click on the Next button to proceed further.

4. App Icon

After setting up the name, you will be asked to set the app icon through a screen as below.

upload an icon for html app

There are two options, namely – Default icon and the Custom icon. If you have your own app icon and you want to set it as your app icon, select the Custom icon option. You will be asked to upload your icon from your computer. Otherwise, go with the default icon and click on the Next button.

It’s done! You can simply download your app from the dashboard and launch it to any app store.


You would have seen how easy it becomes to make and Android app using HTML through our template. It just takes about less than 5 minutes to build your robust app. Try it and tell us about your experience by getting in touch with us. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates instantly!

Last Updated on August 3rd, 2023