How to Sell Apps on Google Play Store Like a Winner

How to Sell Apps on Google Play Store?

When the Android app development process gets completed, all the focus goes up to its marketing and selling perspectives. Android platform has about 90% audience in the mobile app market, and it proves to be one of the largest competitive app development environments.

With the growing number of mobile apps users all around the world, it has become difficult to reach up to the right audience in the right manner. Reaching out to the audience is somehow a bit easier than really grabbing them to download and use your apps. The money-making process actually starts with the app selling experiences.

If you sell your apps effectively, there will be no hurdle in your app business success as it is one of the most important factors of app business success. But how and where you can start your app selling process? No worries! We have proven solutions to it.

You can sell your apps on the Google Play Store because it is one of the leading app stores on the internet. We have come with the answers to how to sell apps on Google Play Store like a winner, and you can make the entire process effective. Let’s head out to more insights!

How Can Selling Apps Make a Difference?

As an Android apps developer or app business owner, you would definitely be thinking about making a lot of money through your app development efforts. Your primary goal is to sell your apps to the target audience so that you can start making your app successful along with ultimate money.

Selling your apps is the only way through which you can accomplish your revenue-generating goals. If you do not sell your app, it becomes quite challenging to earn money as well as gain success in the app business. With money, you can even make your app business more robust and reliable through spending on the quality of your apps.

There are different options through which you can sell apps on Google Play Store, but choosing the best one is quite tricky. Free apps also play a vital role in an app business success, but the number of free apps should be limited. It would be best if you use these free apps just to gain the user’s trust.

When you will sell apps on Google Play Store, not only your app but the entire app business reputation gets a boost. Since paid apps always come with some extra features, sometimes users get more attracted to them. Research shows that users see paid apps as more authentic than the free ones.

Selling is the key to earning ultimate money and getting your app on the verge of success. However, app selling is quite different from traditional product selling. There is a vast majority of the audience in the app selling process while the product selling comprises of a limited audience.

Why Choose Google Play Store to Sell Apps?

Although there are many app stores on the market, Google Play Store is the most widely used and authentic app store. Since Google owns the Android as well as the Play Store, it becomes much convenient to upload apps according to the preferences of the Android platform.

It is one of the world’s largest platforms that Android users visit almost daily. There is a huge opportunity to reach out to the right audience by using the Google Play Store. It offers a lot of flexible options through which you can sell apps without any technical or processing issues.

With a wide range of selling preferences, you can target a varied audience and generate ultimate revenue. Google Play Store offers many more options to sell apps on it than any other Android app store on the entire market. From in-app purchases to ads, there are numerous opportunities to earn money through your apps.

Analyzing your app’s performance has not been that much easier before the arrival of Google Analytics. While you sell apps on Google Play, you can easily make effective decisions by using this Analytics, such as which selling option is being the most effective, etc.

How to Sell Apps on Google Play Store

Luckily, there are numerous ways through which you can sell apps on Google Play Store, but everyone cannot be effective for you. Every approach seems to be a good one, but when it comes to how to sell apps on Google Play Store, you have to look forward to your target audience as well as the app type.

It is quite a challenging task to find the best ways, but the AppsGeyser has come up with the top-most and effective ways for you. We have comprehensively researched this topic and found the most efficient ways to sell your apps on Google Play Store. Let’s get started without any delay!

1. Choose the Right Monetization Approach

A monetization strategy is key to selling your app effectively. The more you use a flexible monetization strategy, the more you earn the revenue. Your strategy should adapt to the interests of your audience as well as trends in the app markets.

We recommend you to use multiple monetization strategies for your app to achieve maximum revenue. Since each audience group has different preferences, you need to analyze their taste and then implement your monetization strategy.

Some of the most admired monetization approaches are listed as follows.

  • In-App Purchases: Through Google Play Billing, you can make your app earn money more smartly. You could sell items of your app or additional services to the users if they demanded it. The service of removing ads has also proved to be quite efficient. You can sell apps on local prices and even with promotional codes.
  • App Subscriptions: Google Play Billing has almost unlimited options for you to earn money, and app subscriptions are one of those. You can grant access to certain features of your app for a certain time for unique users, with options for free trials as well as subscription upgrades and downgrades facilities.
  • Ads: You can easily get paid through Google AdMob integration in your app. It will show ads to your app users in a specified place by you and can earn you a lot of money. It can also show relevant ads to make your user experience smoother.
  • Paid Apps: It is one of the easiest ways to earn money when it comes to the question of how to sell apps on Google Play effectively. You will set a price on each download. Whenever a user tries to download your app, there will be a price to pay for it.
  • E-Commerce: There is a huge opportunity to sell physical goods and services through your apps. You can also take advantage of the easier payment method integrations to provide a convenient user experience.

2. Sell in-App Digital Goods

Surprisingly, when you use Google Play Billing, you never need to worry about payments and transactions anymore because Google automatically processes these financial transactions for you. You can specify some features or services of your app through which you want to earn money.

The complete step by step process is as follows.

  • At first, you need to determine which features of your app you want to sell to your app users.
  • Setting up the Google Wallet Merchant account is the second step that you can do through your Play Console account.
  • In the Google Play Console, you need to specify features on which you want to activate the in-app purchase functionality.
  • There is an in-app Billing API you need to integrate into your app
  • At the final step, you will define mechanisms through which these features will be unlocked.

It is a good practice to make your app available for free download. In this way, you can engage the audience into your app while attracting them towards these paid features.

3. Sell Subscriptions

There are plenty of ways through which you can earn ultimate money using the Google Play Billing feature. One of them is to provide users with access to content if they subscribe to that content. You can grant access to certain users on an ongoing basis.

Google Play gives you a lot of tools and techniques to make your subscription process easier and intelligent. Some of the significant features of it are as follows.

  • Ultimate flexibility in billing frequencies
  • Options for setting local prices
  • Free trial features
  • Price change adoption
  • Real-time notifications

4. Sell App Services

E-Commerce is continuously eliminating the concepts of traditional shopping. Now you can easily sell physical products and services through your app. Google Play Console provides ultimate convenience when it comes to handling the tricky checkout procedures.

Since there are millions of Android users, handling all of them becomes quite challenging. The Android Pay API is all that you need to integrate with your app, and you can get higher conversions ultimately. It is a completely automated system, so you don’t need to bother about anything.

5. Show Ads

Modern marketing approaches are also become easier to integrate with your app. Here come the benefits of Google AdMob that you can integrate with your Android app and start getting ultimate money. Research shows that more than 1 million apps on the Google Play Store use Google AdMob to show ads on their apps.

You just need to integrate with the Google AdMob SDK with your app to get started. Rather than traditional ad services, it shows your app users only relevant ads and, most importantly, the ads which are relevant to your app. In this way, your users will have a smoother app usage experience.


After reading out the researched-worthy article, you will surely have found the answer to how to sell apps on Google Play Store. There are different ways to sell apps, and we have written down the proven and most effective ones.

Follow these ways to start getting the ultimate money and be successful in your app business. Like our Facebook page to get the latest updates and contact us through our website to share your experience or getting any help!

Last Updated on May 29th, 2023