4 Ways to Make Effective Facebook Ads for Android App

Make Facebook Ads for Android App

With the growing trends in technology, app marketing approaches have also been changed. App marketing has never been so effective and easy as the modern marketing models have made it. It is one of the essential things in your app business as it can define the fate of your business.

It’s all about user engagement and having a positive business image in the user’s eyes. When it comes to app marketing, Facebook ads stand out from the crowd because of their effectiveness and usage by a broad audience. Simply making Facebook ads for your app will not do the job until you manage to put some quality in those ads.

To cop up with this issue, we have come up with some proven ways to make effective Facebook ads or Android app. These ads can be used for different purposes, for example, to promote your app or to engage users in your app business. Let’s see how these ads can make a difference.

How Significant are Facebook Ads?

Research shows that the audience is more attracted to content on social media rather than boring content on some websites. As people are more interested in using social media platforms, it turns out to be a great opportunity to capture a versatile audience from there.

When we talk about social media, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with more than 2 billion followers around the world. Facebook provides a better user experience, and people love to spend time on it. Businesses have a lot of scopes to promote their products or services through social media and especially Facebook. You can buy real Facebook likes for social media dominance.

One of the most important things about Facebook is despite sending ads to all the users; you can specify the target audience’s interests, age groups, and other relevant information. It saves the data, which helps in marketing your app effectively. Huge user engagement can be seen if you run Facebook ads for Android app effectively.

After specifying your target audience while starting out the Facebook ads campaign, try to make your ads eye-grabbing as much as possible. Otherwise, users will ignore your ad and keep on scrolling to Facebook. However, there are massive chances of audience interaction with your app after seeing those ads if they are already interested in getting some similar services or products.

Some of the most important factors of using Facebook ads for Android apps are as follows.

  • User Engagement: After seeing Facebook ads, your target audience is most probably going to hit the download now button, and here we go! When you get a bunch of audience doing that, you will surely be on the verge of app success. The audience will become users of your app, which will get engaged in your app. If your app is enriched with quality and what they are looking for, they will not only like but also share that great experience with others.
  • App Rating: When you will get admiration from the audience, there will be a lot of hidden benefits you will get. The Facebook ads will bring a relevant audience, and they are going to give you a good, positive review if they liked your app. The reviews from the audience and some other factors will make the path towards a great app rating on the app stores. Eventually, you will become successful by reaching out to a more relevant audience and getting admirable reviews.

The Facebook platform can offer a lot, but you have to be knowing how you can get the ultimate benefits from it. Grabbing the attention of your audience through Facebook ads for Android app can be a challenging task. But, as AppsGeyser always strives to provide you convenience in your app business processes, we have come up with some proven ways to make these ads impactful and attractive.

Ways to Make Effective Facebook Ads for Android App

While using Facebook, when the users found ads, they probably ignore them. There are certain reasons for it. One of the primary reasons is that your Facebook ad has not got that much quality that can grab the audience’s attention. Other reasons could be the users are not interested in what you are selling etc.

However, due to the tools provided by Facebook, you can easily eliminate most of these problems. It offers easy to use interface through which you can choose which specific audience you want to target. Therefore, there remain quite fewer chances of your Facebook ads being ignored.

We have come up with a list of ways through which you can make reliable and effective Facebook ads for Android app. Let’s explore them one by one!

1. Integrate Facebook SDK

Facebook provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to usage statistics and other managerial services. There is a powerful SDK of Facebook, which you can integrate into your app in order to get useful insights. These valuable insights would be as follows.

  • Measure app installs
  • Deep linking insights
  • Retargeting
  • Measurement of in-app conversions
  • Measuring app events
  • Engaging people to your app
  • Enhance targeting

While developing your Android app, try to add Facebook SDK into your app to get these advantages. App marketing has never been so easy. Facebook ads not only show ads to people but store valuable information such as how many people clicked on these ads, from where these audience groups were etc.

It will provide you detailed analytics through which you can analyze in which areas you need improvement. Analytics also show you useful graphs through which you can examine if there is a need to change your marketing strategy or ad campaign. You can explore the complete guide to integrate Facebook SDK to your app through here.

2. Choose Deep Linking

Have you heard of deep linking before? Well, it is a process through which we can redirect our users to the same page, which is relevant to our Facebook ad. Despite opening up the home screen of your app, the most relevant page is displayed to the user.

For example, if you have placed a 10% discount offer on a cloud payments software product that can be bought through your app, the deep linking will exactly redirect the users to the corresponding product page on your app after its installation.

Deep linking provides a great user experience while encouraging the users to do your desired actions. For running a successful app marketing campaign, deep linking proves to be a must-have feature. Studies show that more than 50% of mobile apps are used only once and even deleted after the first use.

Integrating deep linking to Facebook ads for Android app makes a great deal for the app businesses as well as for users. While implementing the deep linking process, do not rush to just making offers on your Facebook ads. Always remember that your target is to make them install and use your app for a long time.

3. Target on Point

Every user is different and requires different strategies to be engaged in your app. It would be best if you can maintain a list of users who have either visited your business website or even your mobile app. Divide them into groups so that you can easily target them according to their nature.

For example, you can set different parameters to evaluate these groups like the age factor. You will place all the 20 to 35 years old people to an adult category and send them messages according to their preferences. Facebook Analytics helps you in this as well by providing useful insights to make more impactful and powerful business decisions.

In modern marketing approaches, it has become straightforward to identify users despite sending messages blindly to all the audiences. You can exclude those users who are already using your mobile app from your Facebook ad campaigns. In this way, not only the time but a lot of money could be saved.

4. Use Creativity

There will always be a place to put images/videos in the ads, and that’s exactly from where you will grab the attention of the audience. These visuals are the actual parameters of how successful and productive your ad would be. As users use different devices with unique dimensions, you have to make sure that you always have something for every screen size.

Here are the key elements to work on while making Facebook ads for Android app.

  • Ad Testing: Facebook providers much more features to test your ads than app stores. You can analyze your ad campaigns and make them effective by actually visualizing your ads in the real scenarios. Test as much as you can to make your ads more impactful.
  • Make them Attractive: Your Facebook ads for Android app should be eye-catching as well as informative. Try to maintain the balance between both of these crucial factors.

5. Think Outside of the Box

As Facebook is equally popular for almost all ages, there is a massive competition of app business on this platform. You cannot win the competition until you have brought something new and unique by thinking out of the box. Don’t use the traditional app business ad approaches.

For instance, you can put a lead ad to collect the contact information of your target audience despite saying them to download your app. After having their contact information, you can easily send them relevant offers and other engagement messages, which will eventually lead to app success.


Try to focus on your mobile app installs rather than Click Through Rate (CTR). You can easily grab the audience’s attention through Facebook ads for Android app because it is a massive platform as well as a large scale opportunity to get more app users. When your app users get a boost, your app business will be on the verge of sure success.

Try these ways, and you will see the difference within a couple of days. If you need any help, just contact us through our website or follow our Facebook page to get instant updates!