Upload Your App to Google Play – Video Tutorial

Time to get your app into the public domain and upload it to GooglePlay

App distribution is what we see as the most exciting part of app making. This is the point at which you make your work public, and begin your journey to app success.

In order for your app business to succeed, you need to get your app into the public domain in the most effective manner. GooglePlay is not the only app store in the Android market, but whether or not we like it, GooglePlay dominates the market, and for most people is the best way to get an app to the masses.

The success of your app distribution comes down to your pre-distribution  marketing. In previous posts, we have spoken about the importance of building your brand prior to app distribution. Once you have got to the distribution stage, it is not the time to take a step back. You need to ensure that the distribution process is carried out precisely, as now isn’t the time to start making mistakes.




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