Disadvantages of Android Operating System

Android was initially called Android Inc.; therefore, Google bought Android in 2005 at $50 million. Much of the Android project leaders have been recruited by Google, and thus more improvements have been introduced into the app. Android mostly supported actual QUERTY keyboards in the initial periods and wasn’t a touch display.  But as smartphone firms began releasing smartphone touch displays, Google opted to introduce an android OS that allows touch display. After, Google sold the android OS to smartphone firms and became well known. Here we will discuss the disadvantages of the android smartphone that you should know before buying the android phone.

Drawbacks of Android Operating System:

1. Apps Remain Active In The Background

In the earlier system of Android, many applications still operate in the background but also move to the forefront as they would like. But the latest edition of Android applications cannot immediately come to the fore. When specific applications operate in the background, they drain a cell battery, and the phone’s power disappears quickly.

2. Developers Are Having A Rough Time

Training and designing Android applications is challenging since there are many display sizes and making the software adaptive to these display sizes is difficult for designers. Developers need to compose more code because it’s hard to fix the software for final distribution. Also, it’s tough to build complicated applications, and it’s tough to create sophisticated animation.

3. Low Specification Smartphones Run Slowly

Android is an extensive operating system that uses many resources, and some standard applications even come with the operating system. Therefore lower specification smartphones run slowly. Whenever you load many applications on these machines, your cell phone can become reactive or overheat quickly.

4. Defense From Viruses

Android isn’t effective at protecting the infection. Users can import and install software from other foreign sites, and such applications might contain viruses and could have stolen the files and records. This is also found that some of the games in the play store carry a virus.

5. Many Advertisements In Apps

Several Android applications are available for free download; however, they arrive with plenty of advertisements that appear on the application screens or ads while you operate some function in the application. This is annoying to the user, and the user needs to purchase a software authorization to delete advertisements or disable an app.

6. Not Helpful To Aged Persons

Old users have a hard time utilizing Android smartphones due to sophisticated touch displays. They might have had an issue with their vision and who haven’t used smartphone Android earlier.

7. Google Account Needed

You require a Gmail profile to install applications via the play store. You will require a Gmail profile to use few Google apps as well. Whether you lose the Gmail Address, your smartphone will be encrypted, and you have to find your Gmail address to activate it.

8. Bad Content Of Software

Most applications throughout the app store are of low quality, and certain apps try to make money by showing advertisements and have little need for consumers. Any applications have not been upgraded for several years, which will impact people who are updating their software.

9. The Concept Of A New Application Is Complicated

There are fewer opportunities for developers to render apps that aren’t yet accessible. When all kinds of software are already available within the app store, it’s hard for new businesses and entrepreneurs to reach the Android industry. But the developer is still able to build a secure trading bitcoin evolution to help you in your business. 

10. Google Is Strict For Software Developers

When Google detects some issues with your software, it would be very permissive and might cancel your developer profile.

11. Software Update

The software update is one of the disadvantages of the android phone. If you are running an old android smartphone, then you cannot update your smartphone to a newer version of Android. There are a bunch of smartphones accessible in the market with the older android versions. If you want to enjoy the latest version of Android, then you have to buy the new flagships of the android smartphone. 


When you select to purchase a smartphone under your range, Android is the best choice to choose between. There are all kinds of gadgets open. IOS, as well, has certain drawbacks because it relies on the budget. In our view, Android is the greatest thing.