Exciting Facts About Android You Should Know

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Android, the planet’s most adopted smartphone OS, is – day after day with all its increasingly advanced user experience and widely used mobile apps. A few utilize it as a forum to build apps, while others use it as a medium that links everyone to their siblings and colleagues because of its extraordinarily personalized and user-friendly apps. But it’s better to say that Android dominates the smartphone industry. Although there are several things regarding Android that consumers should be mindful of while they’re utilizing Google-based mobile apps. 

Android Wasn’t Created by Google

The Android OS was developed by Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears, and Rich Miner underneath the label of Android Inc. It was set up in October 2003. Android was eventually purchased by Google, who’d already supported the start-up forever. The contract was concluded during August 2005 at such a cost of $50 million. Google has placed the app on the marketplace for smartphone makers and operators on a pledge to have a scalable, upgradeable framework.

Google Introduced Android Back In 2007

Google publicly unveiled the software in November 2007. The software was initially designed for cameras. However, Google noticed a need for mobile OS use and focused on a couple of functionalities that you can use today. However, Google viewed that as a possible chance to develop its presence in the industry by having it a forum for a younger iteration of Smartphones.

Android Was Initially Build Only for Digital Cameras 

The Android OS has been established as a digital camera system. Google eventually turned its emphasis to mobile phones, though, when it noticed its promise. However, Google chose to move ahead and implement Android OS for phones that caused a mobile revolution because it was universally embraced and readily available.

HTC Dream—The First Android Mobile

The very first community phone to operate Android was HTC Dream. The very first HTC Dream was published in October 2008. The software used Google’s based on Linux Android OS. It utilized Android version 1.0 but then was upgraded to 1.6. The Android OS on each smartphone has been criticized for the shortage of features and applications compared to some well-established platforms, such as Nokia’s patented Symbian OS, but regarded as groundbreaking.

Android Has A Billion Consumers

Android OS has operated tens of millions of smartphones in further over 190 nations across Google’s, said Android Vice President Sundar Pichai.  This is the most significant user base of any smartphone network and rising fast—another million consumers come back to their Android smartphones each day with the very next time and continue searching for applications, sports, and other interactive material.

Open Marketplace For Distribution Of The Applications

Including Google becoming a participant of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance), Android has granted consumers or interested party’s permission to change the encryption keys of the OS. Android was designed from the bottom up to encourage designers to make convincing smartphone apps that benefit from the features that the phone has to deliver. It may be applied directly to include emerging cutting-edge innovations as they evolve. There are many trading apps for Android to run your business through mobile like  bitqt app

The ecosystem will begin to grow while the developer group operates together to create creative mobile apps. This has given consumers and the mobile maker a great deal of versatility in introducing functionality to the software. This also allows OEMs to grow their colored models.

Android’s A Free Software

Google provides handset makers an Android OS without paying for a license. This is among the significant benefits of Android that has drawn consumers to create more innovative applications built on it. Anybody can easily use Android and enjoy the full features of Android. With the advancement of technology, Google is also making several user-friendly gadgets to help in everyday life. 

Google Bought Android 

Despite providing fully accessible Android apps to handset makers, Google can attain its goal of being the emperor of smartphone ads by Android phones. Google’s largest gain from ads has to cost off in a big way for consumers through Desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. It’s worth noting that Android leads all groups.