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Download messengers for Android by AppsGeyser: fast, secure and free messengers based on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp.

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App Messenger

App Messenger is a free, VPN-secure, lite and powerful messenger for Android. Get in touch with your friends, neighbors and people nearby!

App Messenger
App Messenger Download

Web Messenger

Web Messenger is a free, safe, lightweight and functional messenger for Android. Find your friends, neighbors and people around!

Web Messenger Download
Web Messenger Download

Chat Messenger

Chat Messenger is a plain, free and secure Telegram-like messenger for Android. Gather all your contacts together. Chat with people in your area. Download Chat Messenger!

Chat Messenger
Chat Messenger Download

Why download messengers by Appsgeyser?

Download messengers for Android by AppsGeyser is fun, because our messengers are unique, but retain the key features of Telegram. You can use your own Telegram-like messenger just the way you use Telegram!

The Messengers’ Features

Our messengers for download come with many amazing features that cannot be found in any other similar messaging app, except Telegram. The apps are completely cloud-based, and all your chats and media files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Just like every other messaging apps out there, you need to log in via your mobile number, and once you’ve created an account, you can use the same mobile number to log in on other devices.

Another notable feature of Appsgeyser’s messengers for download is the larger group size, instead of the usual 256 member WhatsApp group, you can create a group of maximum 5000 members which is practically unlimited and can be used in a better way if you want groups with a greater number of users.

You can send almost any type of file format. There are no restrictions on file formats and the maximum file size limit is 1.5GB, which is pretty much a lot. There is also a secret mode available that allows you to chat with a friend in secret. Secret mode offers end-to-end encryption, automatic message deletion, restricted message forwarding, and a ton of features. Secret mode is not currently available on the desktop version of the app, but can be accessed through the mobile app.

Other features include chat background, emoticons, audio messages, notification tones, and all other general features that a messaging app should have. For added security, you can even enable local passwords so that no one without the password can access the app on a device.

Download messengers for Android with awesome features! Although not many people use the apps, you can communicate with your Telegram contacts easily! The messengers can potentially replace other messaging apps. The synchronization between devices, security and privacy features make the messengers among the best apps out there.