Ejinvesting Review – Low-cost Online Trading

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Ejinvesting is a great online trading platform for beginner investor and active trader who needs lower fees and interest rates. 

Why We Choose Ejinvesting

Ejinvesting has a reputation for low-cost online trading, offering multiple investment products with subsidized fees and margin interest rates. That has made it one of the most sought-after brokerage platforms by retail traders and institutional investors today. However, other perks also give Ejinvesting an edge in the industry. 

Lower fees and margin interest rates 

Unlike most brokers with high fees, commissions, and margin interest rates, Ejinvesting has slashed most of the typical transactional costs. Its clients are not subjected to minimum account deposits, checking fees, domestic wire transfer fees, account closure fees, and monthly inactivity fees. Ejinvesting boasts below-average fees and commissions compared to its immediate competitors. 

Excellent trade execution 

Ejinvesting has user-friendly trading platforms that leverage innovation to streamline the overall experience for all traders. It routes orders to multiple global markets and automated systems to improve trade execution and prices. Ejinvesting’s trading programs provide robust pre-built and customizable features that ensure an enhanced user experience. 

Extensive educational materials 

Ejinvesting also offers various educational resources to facilitate informed and stress-free online trading. The materials are available in numerous formats, including videos, articles, infographics, webinars, and industry reports. Traders also have access to interactive sessions to get answers to various trading-related questions from professionals. 

Ejinvesting Overview 

The above benefits of Ejinvesting provide clues about the overall trading experience that traders can expect from using the broker. However, please consider its constraints to get the complete picture. 


  • Lower fees and interest rates 
  • Excellent order execution 
  • User-friendly trading platforms 
  • Multiple product offerings 
  • Extensive educational resources 


  • Limited coverage as services are not available in some regions 
  • The mobile app is undergoing developments 

Products and Markets 

Ejinvesting’s portfolio is not as comprehensive as that of established brokerage firms. However, it has adequate product offerings to meet the needs of different traders and investors. Besides, the broker has access to several global markets, enabling traders to find the best available prices easily. Its products include the following. 

  • Stocks 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Forex 
  • Commodities 
  • CFDs 
  • ETFs 

The portfolio comprises long and short stocks, diverse commodities, major cryptocurrencies, and several fixed-income products. Ejinvesting also supports numerous order types, including stop orders, limit orders, market orders, trailing orders, and conditional orders. 

About Fees and Margin Interest Rates 

Ejinvesting emphasizes low-cost online trading, with special provisions to help traders significantly cut transactional costs. Traders and investors using its trading platforms are not subject to minimum account fees, domestic wire transfer fees, monthly inactivity fees, checking fees, and account closure fees. 

Trading stocks and ETFs on Ejinvesting are exempt from fees or commissions. That ensures more incredible financial reprieve for stock and ETF traders. Other trades and activities attract different fees and margin interest rates, mainly calculated based on the products, investment volumes, and services you obtain from the broker. 

Overall, Ejinvesting ranks highly as a low-cost online trading platform, with fees and margin interest rates below the industry average. However, before executing any order, you should check the fee schedule for the actual costs and interest rates that will apply to your trades. 

Trading Programs and Technology 

Ejinvesting has three dedicated trading programs, including a desktop, web, and mobile platform. The programs boast robust designs, with several pre-built and customizable tools for all types of traders. The company’s smart order routing technology is integrated into all the trading platforms, ensuring excellent execution of trades and better access to global markets. 

This broker’s desktop, web, and mobile programs have plenty of user-friendly tools and features that streamline the user experience. The platforms have customizable screeners, charting tools, in-house research tools, trading idea generators, calculators, portfolio reports, and multi-leg options. Ejinvesting users also have access to industry news and a wealth of educational resources across all the trading programs. 

However, the Ejinvesting mobile app is undergoing development and may not provide all the above tools and functions.  

Is Ejinvesting Global?

Ejinvesting offers traders access to multiple products and global markets, lower interest rates, user-friendly trading platforms, and extensive educational resources. Those attributes make it an excellent choice for retail traders and institutional investors worldwide. Ejinvesting currently attracts clients from around the globe. However, it does not operate in some countries and regions. 

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