NCAT Token Price In USD

The cryptocurrency market is evolving as many interesting projects are coming to it. Being one of the biggest platforms in Europe, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange is developing its functionality, expanding its community of users, and making new partnerships. On the exchange’s blog – White Blog, you will find loads of articles and guides on crypto trading as well as new promising projects that emerge in the market and join the WhiteBIT family. The Nurse Cat project is one of them. 

Nurse Cat: Shortly About The Project

Nurse Cat developers are aimed to improve the typical blockchain payment stack. Nurse Cat is a payment platform that uses stablecoins stabilised by the NCAT tokens. This system is supposed to ease programmable payments.

The token is built on Binance Smart Chain. The project has a DAO community based on the crucial pillars of decentralisation. That means no central authority would control the Nurse Cat project.

All the processes within the platform are carried out through smart contracts. Decisions on the project are made through suggestions and voting in the DAO community. That’s pure decentralisation where community members decide on critical solutions for Nurse Cat’s further development.

The biggest price for the NCAT toke was fixed at the level of $0,000000110043. Today’s NCAT token price is 0,0000000003493.

What Affects The NCAT Token Price?

The maximum token supply is 100000000000000. To maintain the NCAT token rate, tokens are burned regularly. 

Like with other crypto assets, demand and supply impact the NCAT price. 

Other factors to affect the NCAT price:

  • fundamental events such as hard forks, halvings, etc.; 
  • crypto regulators;
  • adoption of the asset by governments and businesses;
  • overall market trends.

The capitalisation of the NCAT token is small compared with other cryptos. It allows large NCAT holders to affect the assets’ rate changes.

Since the NCAT emission is limited, it may cause a price increase. We dare say this asset has all chances to boost in the future, for it has decentralization in the core. However, before investing in any crypto, we recommend you to carry out your own investigation and learn about the project thoroughly because investments always come with risks