Five Essential Android Apps For the Novice Traveler

The phone is a great companion while traveling. It allows you to talk to your agent, friends, and relatives even as you capture the beautiful moments. However, a few apps will change your travel experience in multiple unimaginable ways. I have used the phone to get a professional to do my programming homework and complete other assignments while still traveling.

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Most travelers will value the phone because it connects them to loved ones and preserves memories in photos and videos. Little attention goes to the apps installed in the phone that can transform your travel experience. Here are apps you need to instantly install on the phone before you leave home.

1. Google Maps

One of the most scaring nightmares for tourists is getting lost in a foreign country or state. You could be out of liquid cash or do not understand the local language. In the wilderness, help could take a while coming yet you need to know the distance to the nearest human settlement. Google Maps will take away your anxiety to make your travel easier.

The maps can be used online and offline. They indicate your current position and identifiable features around the world. The maps also help you to calculate the distance between two points and the time it would take from one point to the other. Luckily, the app is free and updated regularly. With Google Maps, you will never get lost or stranded because you can always find your way around.

2. Airbnb

Accommodation is a major determinant of your travel experience. It also counts for a huge chunk of your expenses. Searching for accommodation physically could be time consuming and expensive. What if you could know get all the accommodation spots with the tap of a finger and even compare prices?

Airbnb has listed accommodation spots all over the world. You get the prices and images of what to expect. You can compare the prices as well as amenities offered to determine what works best for you. Airbnb also allows you to pay directly from your bank, credit card, and other payment options. It accepts different currencies, helping you to avoid conversion charges.

3. Google Translate

Language is a major barrier for travelers taking international trips. Beyond interacting with people, you need to know directions, instructions on food, and avoid bothering your host or workers at every turn. One of the best apps for travelers is Google Translates.

The app allows you to translate single words, sentences, paragraphs, and even numbers from hundreds of the major languages in the world. It is free, easy to use, and can even read from images. It allows you to navigate your way around without bothering other people or being out of conversations.

4. Uber

How do you catch a taxi and where do you find one in a foreign land? Uber! The app is available in major cities around the world and has spread services to tourist spots. You do not need to know the language or where the taxis park for you to ride one. With an international payment system, you can travel anywhere and at any time.

5. XE Currency Converter App

International travelers have to change currencies at every pot. Some shops also display prices in local or foreign currencies, requiring you to convert before buying. The app is live, helping you to get real-time exchange rates. By the time you pay for any goods or services, you will be sure that you have gotten value for money.

All the apps come with upgradable features that come at a cost. However, even the basic features available free of charge will still make your travel experience exciting and stress free.