How can you prepare for CompTIA certification by using Android and iOS apps?

CompTIA stands for Computing Technology Industry Association and it is the world’s largest computer technology association. This non-profit organization works with both the public and private sectors to provide standardization in the field of computer technology.

Why would you want to obtain certification?

The main reason for obtaining certification is that it shows employers your skills are up-to-date. This means that you stand out from the crowd because you have more knowledge than other applicants.

Although certification tests are expensive, it is definitely worth the cost. For example, if you are currently working in the IT department of a company that offers IT courses to their employees then obtaining CompTIA certification would be an excellent idea.

Another reason for obtaining certification is that it will broaden your knowledge and you will learn how to deal with new computer devices faster. In order to learn and expand, you can use online platforms like Exam-Labs and test your knowledge and achieve certification in the desired area.

How can you prepare for CompTIA certification by using Android and iOS apps?

Usually, a certification test contains a lot of questions. After taking a few tests, you will realize that many of the same topics come up again and again.

This is because these are considered important for achieving your desired career goal. For CompTIA certification exams you have to know different aspects of Linux/Unix, Windows, Networking as well as some other specific technologies which you might not be as familiar with otherwise.

 In order to prepare yourself for such an exam on your own it requires some research and book reading which is usually time consuming and boring.

Instead of spending countless hours on self-training I recommend using specialized training apps from Google Play Store or Apple’s AppStore. So what do these apps do? They basically contain information about certifications, practice questions with explanations so you know why your answer was correct or incorrect.

Below I have listed the app which for sure will help you prepare for CompTIA certification exams without requiring too much time and effort on your end. A web portal like Free Tech Exams also offers free CompTIA and Cisco practice tests. 

Try reading A+ certification study guide on Certiology. This way you are ready to go in only a few days.

What are the benefits when preparing for certification by using this app? 

  • You can use them anytime anywhere because they are available on both Android and iOS. 
  • They contain everything you need – no need to search for information in different sources around the web 
  • Free version means that there is virtually no risk in trying them out 
  • No complicated settings or configurations required! Just download an app, play it and pass your exams


Android: Test4Prep

Test4prep for CompTIA Certification Exams is a free resource designed to help IT professionals prepare for their exams.

The app is developed by the Finland-based company Test4Prep, which focuses on test preparation solutions for certification exams, especially those offered by CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle.

As of writing, the Test4prep suite includes apps based on three major platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The Test4prep app for Android is divided into six parts:

  • Exam specifications
  • Study resources
  • My exams
  • Settings
  • About
  • Sharing

Each section has a dedicated button on the home screen. Some of these buttons are disabled, which means you cannot access them at this time. For example, the ‘Study resources’ button is greyed out.

The interface is simple but useful. On the main screen, you are shown the name of the app and the version number, along with a brief description of what it can do. Also on this page, there are two buttons: one for starting the app itself and another for help purposes (‘Advice’).

Advice page provides a brief summary of the app. The same screen displays promotional material on some occasions, so be sure to manually close it when you are ready to start using the app.

Exam Specification

The ‘Exam specifications’ section contains details about each of the exams offered by CompTIA. This includes certification names, their codes, and the number of questions, time limits and suggested preparation methods.

Running this app does not change anything on your device or alter any settings. As such, whenever Test4prep is open, it consumes negligible system resources. The app itself works regardless of whether the device is locked, but some features are disabled when the display is off. Also, you cannot use the app if it is moved to SD card storage because Android will not allow this.

Study Resources

The ‘Study resources’ page includes several links related to certification exams and various helpful resources:

My Exam

‘My exams’ contains your personal exam history. You can see your attempt date, time and result for each of the tests you have taken.

The ‘My exams’ interface shows an overview of your personal exam history and lets you filter the data by test type: certification, training and custom. The sorting option that displays the data in the order of date completed is available for all three types, which is great.


‘Settings’ offers three choices: ‘About’, ‘Sharing’ and ‘Feedback’. The first option is an information page containing links to Test4prep’s website and other projects. Sharing lets you share any details about the app with others via email and SMS. The latter choice directs users to the app’s market page (Google Play Store).


The ‘About’ page lists several features.

The free version allows you to take only one practice test at a time, but this restriction can be removed by subscribing. For example, if you subscribe via Google Wallet, you pay $14.99 for one month.

You can customize the questions you see during a practice test session. If you opt to do this, however, it is not possible to review all of the information in one go at the end of this test.

Instead, you are asked to manually scroll through each page and read its contents. The only way to save time is to click ‘Next’ frequently, but this approach can cost you if a question asks for a numerical answer and you happen to guess it wrong.

It would be nice if users could save specific information on each page of practice test results. For example, if one of your friends wants to take the same test as you did, you could give him or her access to this info.

Also, since ‘Settings’ allows users to create custom exams, it would be nice if they could also store information about these tests and their results locally.