How much does hiring Flutter developers cost?

Flutter developers

Flutter makes it possible to create cross-platform applications. With its extensive feature set and cutting-edge APIs, Flutter stands out as an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. One of the major barriers for organizations is the expenditure to hire Flutter developers.

What motivates business owners to use Flutter?

The application development cost is seen as one major reason for the selection of Flutter. A business can contact a reputed Flutter app development company to start its project. The following are among a few other benefits.

  • Less cost

A Flutter application would naturally cost less to develop. It is because fewer resources and hours are required for its creation.

  • Open-source

Developers can incorporate a plethora of third-party libraries for a variety of features. It is due to Flutter being a completely free and open-source platform.

  • Code reusability

Flutter gives developers the ability to reuse the exact code base when designing apps across several platforms. This benefit quickens the development of the program and improves its flexibility in bug-fixing.

  • Resource management

A business owner can work with a team of iOS and Android developers or hire Flutter developers. Hence, project managers no longer have to cope with the burden of managing smaller development teams.

  • UI/UX

Flutter uses Virtual UI design to deliver the best user interface. An entrepreneur might wish to publish right away to get the full benefits of marketing. The sooner the program is released, the quicker it can hit the market.

The most current version of Flutter has made significant improvements to the reusable parts. It further boosts its versatility and enhances its expressiveness.

  • Desktop and web support

Google has expanded the functionality of Flutter to the web. So, Flutter has applications outside of the mobile app. Initial levels should always include desktop embedding with Flutter so that it may be accessed from the desktop. 

  • QA test

As there is just one app edition to test, one codebase QA may conserve time. The QA staff and developers rejoice at the reduction in testing time. An advantage of Flutter is that an app developed for one platform runs swiftly and efficiently on another platform. Saving money and time without sacrificing the app’s quality is possible.

  • Large community

Google’s open-source Flutter has a large number of active community members on GitHub. Thus, getting help and advice from the strong Flutter community is possible.

What elements influence the cost of recruiting Flutter developers?

  • Experience

The hourly rate of Flutter developers varies with their level of experience. Those developers who have worked on more projects than others will be able to complete the task faster. As Futter is a technology that is about six years old, there will only be Flutter developers with a limit of five years of experience. 

  • Project complexity

One might have to pay more if their project is more complicated. So, it is apparent that Flutter developers who are aware of the intricacy of the project may charge higher. A sophisticated project is an application that needs a bespoke UI/UX layout, multi-platform compatibility, and additional functionality in addition to standard options.

  • Price model

The pricing model is similarly important that impacts the Flutter developer rates. Depending on the needs of the project, one can hire Flutter developers using one of the hiring models. It includes part-time, dedicated, project-based, or hourly pay. The hourly pay and advantages of hiring may vary slightly between each hiring model. It is cheap when one chooses quarterly and annual subscriptions over monthly payments.

  • Project durability

The cost of a Flutter developer may also depend on project length. Creating a static application with no online connectivity and database may not take the extensive time or require extensive performance monitoring. As a result, developers may bill their standard rate for creating such applications.

To construct an application that requires frequent upgrades and performance optimization, Flutter developers are sure to bill average to high prices. Alternatively, as the difficulty of the project rises, they can gradually raise their prices.

  • Knowledge of domain

Developers advance their understanding of a market after completing several initiatives in that field. They can now understand with ease what the target audience might anticipate from the solution. As a result, the organization is more certain to succeed and benefit from the solution created by developers who have experience in the field.

  • Developer location

One of the most significant aspects affecting developers’ rates is geographical location.  For instance, US Flutter developers normally bill between $50 and $150 per hour. In contrast, Flutter developers in Asian nations such as India bill between an hourly rate of $10 and $20. 


Flutter, a budget-friendly framework, ends up being a better option than other frameworks. One must engage with a Flutter app development company to obtain a completely working Flutter application. Estimating the cost of producing a Flutter application is difficult because the cost depends on various parameters.