How to Build an App without Coding: Step By Step Process

Build an app

Having an in-house application has become essential for almost every business to offer customized service. However, people believe that building an app requires a lot of technical understanding.

But that’s not true. We have got a step by step guide where you can do app development without coding. Let’s get started.

You can easily build an app without any knowledge of coding, using any app development software without coding requirement. These platforms come with a variety of pre-programmed low-code templates that you can just simply edit and customize the look and feel and content to create your own fully functioning app.

Simply follow the given steps to start creating your app without coding right now:

  1. Select the Template for Your App

This is the first step in your app development process, where you select an app template that suits your business, industry, product, and services. Different business templates have different prominent features that help them ease their business processes.

For instance, a template for the salon app will allow you to accept customer bookings, where as a radio station app’s prime feature will be live streaming.

  1. Customize for Your Branding

After choosing the app template for your business, it’s time for you to customize it, and give it your brand’s voice. You can add your color scheme, logo, and other branding guidelines. Make sure to choose a color palette that matches your existing brand voice. 

These colors should be subtle and not distracting because you want to focus more on the content and features of the app. Now, finalize the app logo which will be visible on the Google play store and app store. It’s important to mark your first impression.

  1. Add Your Content

Next, it’s time to add value through the content in your app. However, maximum app templates come with pre loaded content that can be edited. You can edit the content for your about us page, product description, reviews, features, offers, and more. The app builder also gives you an option to add more tabs in the app for any additional offers, forms, tutorials, programs, events, etc. 

Additionally, you can incorporate images and videos, wherever there is a scope. After the content is finalized, add navigation to your app to make all the features easily accessible to your users. You can add this as a side bar or tab bar.

  1. Make It LIVE

Finally, its the show time! When you are happy with the way your application looks and works, its time to publish it. Users can now easily download the app from Google Play Store and app store for Android and iOS devices. 

Some of the app builders also guide you through step by step guide to the publication process. You will require the following details to make your app publish:

Next, sign up for Google’s and Apple’s Developer account to make your app live.

It’s easy for you to create an app without any knowledge of coding using no code low code app development software. But ensure to select an app builder that offers a multiple range of features, so you can make a full-fledged app that serves your purpose. 

Look out for features such as food ordering, mobile coupons, video gallery, loyalty programs, ticket booking system, push notifications, call option, and more.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023