How to Get Free Bitcoins Using an Android Device?

In 2007, the inventor of intelligent contracts, Nick Szabo, conceptualized a currency named bit gold. After formulating the concept of the first cryptocurrency, a Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto decided to work on a politically independent and virtual currency. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released the first-ever solid cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

At the first bitcoin release, people got free bitcoins from different websites and organizations as a reward. However, later, bitcoin’s store value started to skyrocket, the concept of free bitcoin started to diminish.

 Every website prohibited offering complete bitcoin units to users and started to reward users with bitcoin fractions. But now, even a tiny fraction of bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, so does the concept of free bitcoin still exist? Yes, there are great websites that offer you free bitcoins as a reward. All the more now, you can earn these free bitcoins using an android device or start cryptocurrency mining in uae with your android device.

 After earning bitcoin for free, you start bitcoin trading for profitable results. If you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin trading venture, check the auto-trading bot for more details. Here are some of the methods which can help you in earning free bitcoins using an android device. So why are you waiting? Let’s have a glance. 

Bitcoin Mining

You are familiar with the fact that bitcoin mining is the process of adding new bitcoins to circulation. But, unfortunately, Bitcoin is a costly process. All the more, it requires robust bitcoin mining hardware. The prominent reason is that bitcoin miners have to solve math puzzles to verify the transactions and only bitcoin mining hardware and graphic processing units. 

Undeniably bitcoin mining is an expensive process, but you can also start bitcoin mining with your android device. There are ample bitcoin mining applications and mining pools that can help you get profitable results in your mining venture. However, mining bitcoin as a solo miner from an android device cannot get profitable results in such a competitive field. 

Bitcoin mining pools are miners who solve the math puzzle by involving their powerful computers and mining rig. You can become a member of this mining pool. All the more probability of availing block reward in bitcoin mining from a mining pool is very high. Make sure the bitcoin mining pool you are about to join is compatible with android devices. 

Bitcoin Faucets 

Bitcoin Faucets are correspondingly one of the potential methods to earn free bitcoins with the help of the android device. Bitcoin faucets refer to the platform which offers you bitcoin when you complete some engaging tasks on the website. This task includes listening to a song, playing a game, completing a survey, watching a YouTube video, visiting different websites, and downloading applications. 

Undeniably the rewards on these bitcoin faucets are not that big but are very frequent.  Because most of these bitcoin faucets reward you with the smallest unit of bitcoin, which is its 10th decimal place, famous as Satoshi, if you visit these faucets consistently, you can make a good amount of money by the end of a month. 

Bitcoin Games 

The fact might amaze you that you can also earn free bitcoin by playing games. Earning bitcoin by playing games is the utmost engaging method. There is a vast diversity of games that you can play on the internet to get free bitcoin. Even the play store has a wide variety of bitcoin games. All the more, people are now making money from blockchain gaming as well. The core notion of blockchain games revolves around non-fungible tokens. The fact that might amaze you is that the earning potential of blockchain gaming is more than $1500 per month. The population of some developing countries is quitting their jobs to play these games.

Reading Books 

Some websites reward you with bitcoin for reading books. The prominent reason behind this is that you increase the screen time and traffic on these websites when reading books. Thus, these websites earn money through your traffic and screen time and reward you with some amount of it. 

These are some of the most engaging methods to earn free bitcoin using an android device.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023