How to Promote Your App on Instagram

These days, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, which is quite popular among young people. It can be expected to have various effects such as “attracting customers” and “increasing awareness” by incorporating it into marketing and branding.

When you’re ready to promote your Apps on Instagram, it’s easy to start by promoting your post. Advertising can be easily done from the Instagram platform. You can use Instagram promotions to reach people who are likely to be interested in your App, and thereby you can easily gain Instagram likes for your App. Promotions will also help potential and existing customers to download your Apps. 

How to Start Effective Promotion for Your App? 

Most effective promotion to your Apps, you need to use Instagram’s advertisement function. Before starting or creating ads, let’s first explain the types and characteristics of Instagram ads. Instagram ads are divided into “stories ads” and “feed ads,” depending on where they are placed.

Stories ads: 

Ads that run as you browse through the stories posts that users are following. This is an advertisement displayed on Instagram Stories. It can be displayed on the entire surface of the mobile screen to effectively show videos and photos. You can reach people with high Instagram usage, such as using Stories.

Feed ads: 

There are four types of ads that run on the feed with a design similar to a user’s post. 

Video ads:

Similar to photo ads, it has a simple design. You can upload videos up to 60 seconds in a square or horizontal format.

Photo advertisement:

It has a simple design that supports square and horizontal photographs. It looks like a photo that users post in a feed, so it doesn’t feel like an ad.

Collection advertisement:

You can attract users with videos and photos and display more products by tapping the interested users. Since you can show many products, it is easy to tell the atmosphere and story of the brand to the user.

Carousel advertisement:

You can arrange multiple photos and videos. Users can swipe to view the next photo or video to get them interested and see more information and furthermore put their likes on it. The detailed tips on getting more Instagram likes can be read here, in the section dedicated to the basic engagement metric.

Why is Instagram Advertising Function Effective to Promote App?

High targeting accuracy:

Instagram ads use the same targeting platform as Facebook ads, so you can target with high accuracy.

There are also various targeting options such as user interests, interests, educational background, and dating status. Since you can target only the users you want to reach, you can also reduce unnecessary advertising costs.

Wide variety of advertisements:

Instagram ads offer a variety of platforms to suit your business, you may be confirmed by reading Social Boost review. Instagram users often have access to view images and videos, which is effective when you visually appeal to your product. If the product or service has a visual strength, it will be more effective than other SNS.

Can be delivered even on a low budget:

Since it can deliver advertisements for at least 1$, it is possible to develop a budget less than the daily coffee fee.

The actual advertising cost is determined by auction, but you can always control your budget because it does not exceed the budget limit you set.