How to Unblock Streaming Services

There is no question as to which direction the world is steering in.

Everything is becoming digital and online, with anything that avoids this evolution being left to die. Whether it is the e-commerce world and stores needing to go more online than brick-and-mortar or businesses needing to put their workforce remote rather than force them into offices, anything that isn’t online will eventually be passed by.

If you want to understand the VPN market, look at the monetary size of VPNs as a service. In 2019 the VPN market was $25.5 billion but was expected to be $6 billion by 2027, showing you how an online and digital world quickly realizes the value of having a VPN as they stream,

Streaming has rapidly become a pivotal part of online life: whether it is music, movies, TV shows, live sports, video games, socializing, and more, streaming has become a crucial part of digital and online life.

Streaming for Entertainment

This is no more clear than in the entertainment space. Streaming saw a massive spike after the COVID-19 pandemic put the world to a halt; people were locked in their homes and naturally turned to online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others to watch their favorite movies and TV shows to pass the time. 

By going away from the old and traditional method of cable, which was limited and more expensive than streaming, people opened themselves up to a vast library of content.

Whether it was watching a massive library of classic movies, getting whole box sets of the latest hit TV show, or getting live streams of the big sporting event at the weekend, so many options became available and cheap through streaming. Unfortunately, a big issue that came with streaming was the way it could be restricted – people found their streams blocked for several reasons, including:

  • Geographical Restrictions – if you are in a country, your streaming provider might limit or alter the kind of content you have access to because of this. For example, if you are in the USA, you might find a limited amount of anime TV shows compared to if you were in Japan.
  • Internet Service Providers – If an Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitors you using a streaming platform that doesn’t comply with their terms and conditions, they will often block you from receiving data from the server. 
  • Network Throttling – The ever-so meddlesome ISP will sometimes change the amount of bandwidth you will get just because you flag up as streaming; this will cause your streams to lag and stop.

These reasons can be a significant source of frustration for people who just want the freedom to stream their favorite methods of entertainment. Thankfully, you can find solutions online for free that can help you unblock your streams, like free VPNS. An example could be signing up with 1click VPN and bypassing annoying geographical restrictions or ISPs to watch your streamed content.

What is a VPN?

A VPN can be your best tool when looking at keeping your online safety intact and unlocking your online experience to get the most out of it. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that allows you to create an encrypted tunnel around the data you send and receive when you connect to the internet. 

It also can allow you to connect to multiple servers worldwide and appear like you are wherever the server is. This is particularly useful when it comes to streaming; if we use the previously mentioned example, you can be in the United States but connect to a VPN server in Japan and get all the anime content you could want.

The benefits of a VPN extend to trying to bypass annoying ISP restrictions when they block you on terms and conditions or under the pretense that you are taking up too much bandwidth. Whether it is these benefits for streaming or even the online protections VPNs give, there is no question that they are one of the best online tools available. 

How to Pick a Free VPN?

When you look for a free VPN, you need to spend time looking into a host of crucial factors between them. You should go through robust decision criteria when looking through free VPNs, considering the following elements:

  • Speed – having a fast VPN is crucial because if your VPN is slow, it will cause your streaming experience to buffer and lag, making it a very annoying experience.
  • Reliability – you should pick a free VPN that has built up credibility in what it does and has a strong reputation for not being shady in the way it operates; some VPNs can sell user data to third parties.
  • Security – you will want to ensure that your VPN is adequately protected and that its servers are up-to-standard with any localized legislation.

A free VPN like 1Click can be the difference between your streams being unblocked and working, and you are having your streaming experience capped. A free VPN can not only get you passed geo-restrictions but also prevents your ISP from taking your internet speed or freedom away.