IconTrade Review – Best Trading Site for Beginners 2022

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Before the online trading era, traditional trading was a tedious process involving calling an agent to give a ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ order, which understandably had many problems. The invention of the internet has brought convenience to every sector, trading included.

Moreover, the rise of online trading platforms has enabled traders to place ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ orders, put market limits, and read information about market trends, among other things. However, traders must consider key criteria that’ll put them in the best position to find the right trading platform. A good option that traders can go for is IconTrade. Here’s a complete review of what to expect from the platform.

What Is IconTrade?

IconTrade is a trading platform that offers a myriad of trading markets where users can invest and trade. Its trading spreads include Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and CFD. The platform not only offers a platform where traders can buy and sell, but it’s also a learning hub.

Overall, the IconTrade trading platform has ensured its users gain information that will assist them in making successful trades. There are various educational materials on the platform, where traders can read them at their convenience. The knowledge obtained from such materials helps traders see the bigger picture of the market.

Pros and Cons of IconTrade

Just like any other software, there are various advantages and disadvantages of using IconTrade. Here is a list of them:


  • Simple interface that’s easy to use
  • Efficient security system 
  • Has a demo account 
  • It has mobile app options 


  • Accessible to a few regions worldwide 

Is IconTrade a Legitimate Trading Platform?

With many bogus trading websites on the rise, it’s only fair to treat every trading platform with a tone of skepticism until proven to be a legit platform. IconTrade has checked the right boxes for legitimacy; therefore, it’s not a scam trading account.

The platform follows a step-by-step verification process and KYC regulations. These policies help the platform verify their users and foresee that the information they attain is authentic. Additionally, IconTrade is very transparent; traders can find all relevant information about its background and owners online. Furthermore, traders can invest and withdraw their funds without squabbles.

Trading with IconTrade

Traders are required to deposit a minimum account of money to start trading. Users can deposit into their account using various options like PayPal, credit and debit cards, and wire transfers. The platform has a demo account where users can practice their craft to sharpen their trading skills. Once a user makes some successful trades and wants to withdraw, the funds are easily transferred to their bank account upon request.

Platform Safety

IconTrade is reliable when it comes to platform safety. Traders will not have to worry about whether or not they will lose money or sensitive information through internet breaches. It’s a secure place for traders to trade and invest in. The platform has also put in place security measures that comply with online organizations that try to curb online breaches.

Does IconTrade Have Commissions and Fees?

IconTrade has no registration and underlying fees. A user will only incur commissions on each trade they make on the platform. The platform is upfront about it, so traders can’t feel blindsided by this. Moreover, its commissions are on the lower end compared with other trading platforms.

Mobile App Option 

IconTrade has ensured top-notch flexibility for users as they can easily access their trading accounts through its mobile app. In this way, investors can fully monitor their investments while being on the lookout for a potential trade. Investors can swiftly log in to their accounts and make informed decisions regarding the trade. 

Summarization Table for IconTrade

Trading Market    Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency and Stocks
Payment options   PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfer 
CommissionCommissions are incurred on every trade on the platform
Mobile App    Has a mobile app option

Contact IconTrade to Register 

IconTrade is a beginner-friendly trading account that allows traders to learn about trade as they navigate this volatile industry. It has various educational materials and webinars to help newbie and seasoned traders learn a thing or two about trading. 

This allows traders to see the bigger picture of trade that’ll make them successful while trading. Contact the IconTrade website now to start trading.