Integrating FedEx Live Rates PRO with WooCommerce. Let’s see how it works!

How to stay ahead of your competition? Offer your customers the best FedEx shipping rates with automatic cost calculation and an up-to-date list of services based on the delivery address. It’s all available in an intuitive, flexible system of tools developed by Octolize. How to install and use it properly?

FedEx Live Rates PRO

WooCommerce FedEx integration with your website

Today, people are constantly on the move and need their services to be flexible enough to match their lifestyles. You can offer them exactly that with Octolize FedEx WooCommerce Shipping Plugin — Live Rates PRO functionalities.

You can set cost calculation based on delivery address, show available services and offer them with latest rates, updated automatically. Depending on your agreement with FedEx, you can use standard rates, One Rate or Account Rates. Your customers will also see the estimated delivery date, so they can move their tasks around to be home at the right time.

Staying flexible is also a good business practice. Given that shipping prices are one of the main reasons your customers can abandon their shopping cart at the very end of their journey, you should ensure that WooCommerce FedEx shipping rates are always the best.

There’s always some leeway to cut the costs down in favor of the price the customer will pay. With the Octolize plugin, you can choose the type of packaging used in calculating prices for your products. And you don’t need to use only standard box sizes, as it lets you use custom packages.

You can also customize packing methods to best suit your products. They can be packed all together for an economic packaging option, or packed separately in custom boxes, which is a better option for gifts.

WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin — all settings in one place

All that is possible with an installation that takes under 5 minutes. But it doesn’t mean that you need to stop there. Octolize WooCommerce plugins are made for both beginners and advanced users, and as an intuitive set of tools at your disposal, they offer a good learning curve.

Instead of going through basic installation, you can choose to look into detailed documentation and step-by-step guides prepared by the developers to help you set up their plugins manually. And if you get stuck, dedicated debug mode will aid you in troubleshooting any issues on your way to the perfect setting for your website.

If you ever feel lost, you can always count on premium 1-on-1 tech support. It will help you understand and sort out any issues with the plugins that you find – WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin by Octolize is your first step to level up your ecommerce game!

WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin customization options you need to know

If you are up for some customization, there are options that will let you get into the next level of ecommerce shipping with your WooCommerce FedEx shipping.

If your WooCommerce default address is different from the one you use for shipping, set a custom origin, so your customers see correct shipping costs for their carts. To ensure that you are not overpaying for the services, you can pick which shipping zones are managed by the FedEx Live Rates or set it to global, switching them on everywhere.

Remember that FedEx Live Rates PRO uses all FedEx-supported currencies, so you can run it with popular currency switchers to make customers’ experience even better. Octolize plugins are an intuitive toolbox, and you can mix and match them. Check out the rest of the plugins and make your custom build!