IOS Vs Android Cryptocurrency Trading- Which One Is Better?

Bitcoin trading is emerging as one of the most convenient methods of generating income. Bitcoin is not just the hottest cryptocurrency but is also a genuine trading instrument. Many altcoins appear regularly in this field, but no altcoin has overtaken bitcoin. The second topmost digital currency in terms of market cap is ether, and it is too far from bitcoin in this race.

 Everyone believed that is just a Ponzi scheme to fraud investors at the early stages of cryptocurrencies. However, cryptocurrencies have paved their way in the mainstream marketplace. Due to the compatibility of cryptocurrency exchange with android phones, cryptocurrency trading is convenient. Furthermore, trading platforms like Crypto Engine App is compatible with both android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can perform cryptocurrency trading from iOS and Android devices. Here is a detailed comparison of android and iOS cryptocurrency trading; let’s check it out. 

Smartphones and Trading – A lethal combination!

Cryptocurrency Trading is all about timing and market analysis. However, using computers to trade digital currencies restricts your trading experience and convenience. Both Play Store and App store comprises numerous trading applications. Some of the service providers are only available on the play store and not on the app store due to the privacy policy of the App Store. 

Due to smartphones, retail investors, millennials, and professional traders. You can start your trading journey by simply installing the cryptocurrency exchange or trading app.

Ios or Android Cryptocurrency Trading!  

Both android and iOS trading apps have their pros and cons. For example, some retail investors consider iOS trading apps, whereas others consider Android. Undeniably, the dynamics of both these operating systems are different, but it is still tough to decide which one is best.  

Feature of cryptocurrency trading apps!

Competent cryptocurrency trading platforms comprise standard features like an in-built spot and funding wallet, market analysis with candlesticks, various currencies, diverse payment methods, and P2P transfer. 

IOS trading!

Both iOS trading and android applications have some similarities and dissimilarities as well. For example, people prefer iOS cryptocurrency trading because of the security. However, App Store has a strict privacy policy, and it does not allow everyone to render their applications on their platform. 

On the other hand, there are thousands of cryptocurrency trading apps in the Play store, including a few unauthentic service providers. Moreover, iOS devices allow users to install applications only from the app store and not any other website; this policy of apple makes these devices immune from viruses and malware.

Android trading!

Undeniably, there are few unauthentic cryptocurrency exchanges on the play store.  But that does not mean trading on an android device is less secure. On the contrary, if a budding trader avoids downloading fishy applications from unknown sources on his android device, then android crypto trading is also secure. Android trading is better than iOS trading in many possible ways. 

Play store provides a platform for budding and emerging exchange. Emerging cryptocurrency exchanges provide more services than a well-established exchange to attract more users to their platform. 

Recently several cryptocurrency exchanges have started to release the feature cryptocurrency airdrops. These airdrops are a reward that cryptocurrency exchanges give new users on their platform.  Moreover, android crypto trading apps are more optimized. 

These apps also offer a massive diversity of payment methods. Prominent cryptocurrency apps on android devices permit you to trade in more than 80 digital currencies. The android trading transaction fees are also meagre compared to iOS trading apps. Not only cryptocurrencies, but you will also see a large variety of fiat currencies on these exchanges. Starting android cryptocurrency trading is very simple. 

Cryptocurrency exchange compatible with both Android and iOS!

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are compatible with both of these operating systems. Popular exchanges compatible with Android and iOS simultaneously are binance, CoinDCX, Wazir X, coin base, etc. This exchange offers a similar feature to these operating systems except for the user interface. As per reports, trading via smartphones is much more convenient than using a computer or laptop to trade, as trading is all about timing and in-depth market analysis. 

The above portion is a complete in-depth comparison of iOS and android cryptocurrency trading applications.