Is a Virtual Keyboard Secure?

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Online frauds aren’t uncommon in terms of internet banking. Therefore, it becomes vital that you take utmost care not to allow your details to get hacked. While nothing is guaranteed, several ways are available to help secure banking information. A virtual keyboard is one way to achieve this.

When completing an online banking transaction, a credit card payment, a fund transfer, or any bill payment, the billing platform provides you with the option to use a virtual keyboard. Is this keyboard secure? Let’s dive deep to discover more.

What is a Virtual Keyboard?

Also known as an interactive keyboard, a virtual keyboard is an online solution that allows you to input on-screen text through your smartphone’s touchscreen or with your personal computer touchpad or mouse.

It eliminates the need to enter the password physically, and has some important and helpful features, including:

  • Spell checkers
  • Autocompletion
  • Hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Built-in dictionaries
  • Custom layouts and branding

How Does a Virtual Keyboard Function?

A virtual keyboard works like its physical counterpart. But this one only works online. When you tap on its virtual keys, the touch sensors of your device detect the input. After that, they convert the input into commands or characters just like its physical counterpart.

Something important to note is that it isn’t an exact replica of the physical keyboard. But the most important part is that users can use it to constitute a password. The position of keys on the online keyboard keeps changing each time a user logs in.

Sometimes, people use public computers, which are infected with spyware and malware, making it possible for keystrokes to be mapped. That’s why experts in the security industry recommend the use of virtual keyboards.

Is a Virtual Keyboard Better than Keystrokes in Terms of Security?

You need to be aware of keylogger software in the virtual world. When installed on your device, the software can effortlessly map all keystrokes used.

You can download these harmful programs and install them on your device at home or workplace without knowing. In most cases, if you receive an email with an executable file, you’ll suspect it. And chances are you won’t click on it. But these keylogger programs can come in different formats, including .mp3 and .doc.

Many people cannot suspect these file formats. When you click on any of these files, you unknowingly install the software. The installation process is usually quick and can complete without knowing. Once installed, the person who has access to the file can get all keystrokes used via email. The data can also be downloaded, especially when it’s a shared computer by the attacker.

A virtual keyboard helps prevent the keylogger from tracking keyboard strokes. The keylogger can’t follow the password typed. It acts as an extra security layer for all online banking transactions.

Why Should You Use a Virtual Keyboard?

A virtual keyboard interacts with the users via various functions, including file management, text composition, and word prediction. Since a virtual keyboard is simply than a computer terminal, it offers most of the same benefits as other terminals, from minimal downtime for repairs and maintenance to minimal power consumption and cost.

Also, it can allow users to complete their tasks even when the server or internet isn’t functioning. The huge advantage is the much-needed security that it offers.

A virtual keyboard has proven to be a great way to safeguard yourself when using the internet, especially when sensitive data is involved. Although not fully secure, using a virtual keyboard on your device will make sure that you’re primarily stopping hackers from gaining access to your sensitive information.

It’s true that cyber criminals may gain access to your sensitive information. But if they cannot gain access to a virtual keyboard, your sensitive information is safe.

Final Thoughts

Virtual keyboards are secure. They can help protect your device against spyware, Trojan programs and password theft. If you want to avoid keyloggers completely, and protect your password when surfing the internet, a virtual keyboard should be your partner. Find a reputable virtual keyboard provider and start protecting your passwords and accounts today.