Is AppsGeyser Safe and Secured to Use?

Is AppsGeyser Safe

AppsGeyser is a free app builder created back in 2011 and still going with a strong reputation as one of the best platforms for Android app creation. Over the years, more than 1 mln users have created 6 million Android apps! Even though, we still see questions about whether using AppsGeyser is safe or not. Let’s break down the most common concerns.

Data Security

Android apps created on AppsGeyser don’t contain viruses or malware, malicious code, and SDK. We do not collect your personal data or personal data of your app’s users. We do not sell any information to third-party companies. All our partners for in-app advertising are selected by the strict criteria: reputation, management, coomunication, SDK code, other partners etc.

Google Play Policies

All apps created on AppsGeyser are safe to publish on Google Play and other app markets for Android. We

Our team constantly monitors the Google Play updates and new policies. If the update concerns any aspect of our app’s security, we provide the solution in the shortest time possible. We are not interested in your app bans. That’s why we make sure apps created on AppsGeyser doesn’t violate any policies.

App Bugs and Issues

AppsGeyser provides updates for the apps right in time. Once the issue for the app templated is determined or new features are ready, AppsGeyser updates the template and notifies the users. Our Q&A team tests all app templates every week. The bugs are instantly reported to the app development team and fixed within a week.

Fees & Payments

AppsGeyser doesn’t charge for the basic features: making, downloading, and sharing apps. If you worry that you have to pay to get the APK file of your app, then stop. There are premium features for advanced and business clients who look for ads removal, custom branding, unlimited push notifications. All payments for premium features are made through secured payment systems: PayPal and bank card. We don’t save your payment data.

Transparent Monetization

We monetize through a transparent 30/70 and 50/50 revenue share on in-app banner advertisements. You can track and change the ad settings in the Monetization menu on the Dashboard. The more app installs you have, the higher percentage of your income. 

Due to such a monetization model, we are interested in keeping all our users on the platform. We create the user-oriented experience: gamification, useful content and educational guides, new features, special offers, and contests.

Personal Data

AppsGeyser doesn’t use your personal data from the AppsGeyser profile for a personal gain. We can only use your name, email, the phone number to inform you about important offers, updates and issues concerned the platform and your apps. We don’t save you passwords. We don’t sell any information to third-party companies.

Safe Content

Free and easy app development can lead to a low-quality, spammed and fraudulent apps. AppsGeyser stands against such apps and protects user’s safety. That’s why all apps created on AppsGeyser are revised and moderated by the team. Apps with restricted content are banned immediatly. This includes pornographic, threatening, embarrassing, hateful, racially or ethnically insulting, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate content.


AppsGeyser doesn’t ignore issues of the platform users. All tickets and requests created in the Help Center are revised by the Support Team within 1-2 working days. For a faster reaction, we have a big FAQ section with common problems and questions. Probably you will find the answer to your problem without asking for support help.

Legal Info

You can find legal information about AppsGeyser in the following sections:

So, If You Still Wonder…

Is it safe to make apps with AppsGeyser?

Yes. AppsGeyser is a malicious-free platform with transparent app development and monetization system. All apps created on AppsGeyser comply with Google Play policies.

Is AppsGeyser a good platform to make apps?

Yes, AppsGeyser is a safe and free app builder with no hidden charges, simple interface, constant updates and data-security.