How to make money with bitcoin using an android phone?

When BTC emerged, significantly more minors were familiar with its existence. Still, later it was mentioned in a few television series and movies as a joke, and from there, it started to rise. Nowadays, people see BTC as a business opportunity as there are so many ways to extract cash out of it. Check if now is the time to sell your bitcoin.

 Earlier, bitcoin was allegedly heavily restricted to a computer device as with other devices, and people could not access it. Nowadays, even the most advanced earning opportunities created by bitcoin can be there with an android device or any smartphone. Here listed are a few potential earning opportunities created by bitcoin that one can explore. 

Mobile mining!

Mobile mining is an infamous phenomenon as people see mining as a hardware-centric business. Therefore, most miners consider investing in ASICs and GPUs to initiate this process. However, the hardware and chipset present in the android device do not lack any CPU at the instance. So mining correspondingly comprises different types like cloud mining, personal mining, and mining by becoming a member of the mining pool. 

From the above-listed types of cryptocurrency mining, only two options are appropriate for Android devices: cloud mining and second is pool mining. Mobile mining is not possible and optimal without specific and dedicated mining software. It redirects the user with a pool and helps miners specify the token they want to mine. 

Few enticing mining applications include miner gate, bloom miner, and bitcoin miner. None of these mining applications heavily focus on bitcoin mining as they can host the mining activity of any famous cryptocurrency. Mining on a mobile device has a handsome earning potential but nothing comparable with dedicated hardware mining.

HODL Bitcoin!

The majority of cryptocurrency investors trust this straightforward money-making strategy. Moreover, bitcoin as a business model has proved itself in the past, and that is why it acquired a very loyal user base. So if you have a gut feeling about the skyrocketing spot price of bitcoin, you can buy and hold it. 

An investor can perform such tasks with an android device and wallets, and a dedicated digital coin exchange is compatible with android devices. However, the HODL bitcoin strategy is not short term and to attain massive gains; you might need to hold it for a more extended period. 

Micro Learning Platforms!

Undoubtedly micro earning platforms don’t have a considerable earning potential that can change your lifestyle. However, Bitcoin micro learning platforms are also popular as bitcoin faucets, which are not only present in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, many entrepreneurs use micro earning platforms to promote a cryptocurrency or initial coin offering. 

Micro Earning platforms usually pay a player in the form of Satoshi, and it is the smallest part of a bitcoin. Bitcoin can be divided multiple times, but after dividing it into a certain Satoshi, you cannot divide it further.

 To earn BTC on these platforms, you have to perform micro-jobs. The routine jobs present on a micro earning platform include visiting a website and streaming it for a definite period, downloading an actual application and running it for a specific time. Moreover, these platforms pay for reading several books, playing different games, watching music videos and accomplishing different kinds of surveys. 


Cryptocurrency trading might sound like a risky business as people have lost a considerable amount of money in different scams related to digital currency trading. The process requires complete knowledge regarding the digital currency marketplace. In the cryptocurrency market, there is no restriction of time and geolocation. 

Since the market is open an entire day, it offers you many opportunities to make profitable trades. Experienced traders confer a dedicated trading strategy. Trading strategies assist traders in better outcomes, and some popular strategies are arbitrage trading and intraday trading. Trading bots have made arbitrage trading a piece of cake as it has simplified the way of listing cryptocurrency exchanges that have a delay in updating the spot price. 

The above listed four methods can help you make a good income stream from the cryptocurrency industry by using an android phone.